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How to Get a Buttload of Penny Clicks On Facebook

Lets talk about penny clicks.

First, let me define what I mean by “penny clicks”.

I consider a penny click to be anything 10¢ or under.

And, who doesn’t like penny clicks?

Especially when you’re starting a new campaign and have no clue what’s gonna work.

Penny clicks on Facebook allow you to get cheap data at an alarmingly fast rate so you can kill what’s not working and scale the rest.

Aside from Facebook… there are a handful of other “stealth traffic sources” I’m using to get penny clicks for 5¢, 3¢, and yes, even for a penny. Like I mentioned here, I’m getting an ENDLESS amount of high quality clicks from these sources.

For now lets talk about Facebook.

So many people are hatin’ on Facebook lately.

Off the top of my head… here are just a few of the most common complaints I’ve heard (read: myths)

“You can’t run diet, weight loss, skin, or bizopp traffic on Facebook.”


“You can’t run traffic to a squeeze page on Facebook.”


“Facebook’s CPC’s have skyrocketed.”

Wrong again.

“My account is banned, I can’t run ads on Facebook.”

Even wronger. (wronger’s a word trust me)

“Facebook hates Clickbank offers.”


“The only way to get penny clicks on Facebook is to keep the visitor on Facebook.”

Wrong-asaurus Rex.

“You have to use video ads to get cheap clicks on Facebook.”

Wrong bucko.

“Facebook wants long copy inside your ads…like 500 words or more.”

Couldn’t be more wrong.


I think you get the point.

People spew bad information all over the place without ever testing anything themselves.

All it takes is for one guru to say some off-the-wall horse crap and it spreads like wildfire.

Pay close attention to who you’re getting your information from.

Moral of the story is…

More and more marketers are shying away from Facebook because they believe all of the stuff I said above.

Bad for them. Good for me. (and now YOU too!)

Facebook TELLS you how to run ads on their platform right on their ad policies page. Just read that page and follow their instructions.

As for penny clicks… I promise you don’t need video ads.

Video ads are great for selling physical products but physical products suck…

…they suck BIG TIME.

It seems to be all the rage still in the IM world.

Just saw another “guru” pitching his new product on how he’s “killing it in ecom.”

In my opinion, the ecom business is just a really crappy short-term play.

Sell someone a piece of junk from China and make them wait 3 or 4 weeks to receive it in the mail…

…only to find out it’s an even bigger piece of junk than they expected it to be.

Then, send them an email every single day to try to sell them even more useless junk.

[- – – – – – – – – TRUE STORY – – – – – – – – – -]

My wife really wanted an iPhone 7 Plus when it came out but couldn’t stand the fact that it didn’t have a headphone jack.

She went searching online and eventually stumbled onto a site selling a battery case that also had a headphone jack. SWEET!

She didn’t buy it right away because she didn’t even have the phone yet.

A few days later, while browsing on Facebook, a retargeting ad popped into her news feed with a $20 off coupon for that exact case.

The normal price was $99.

So she decided to order it.

The next day she went and bought the phone.

Meanwhile, the initial email she received said it would arrive in 5-10 days.

I thought nothing of it at the time. That’s pretty standard I guess for a non-Amazon site.

3 weeks later her case still hadn’t arrived.

That’s when the penny dropped for me.

It was a dang dropshipping ecom marketer.

Buying crap from AliExpress and having it shipped directly to the customer.

It came a week later… 28 days after she ordered it… with a China airmail sticker on the package.

Needless to say, we won’t be recommending that site to anyone and my wife left a comment on their retargeting ad (because they failed to have a conversion pixel setup correctly for people who had already ordered) letting everyone else know that it took 28 days to be delivered.

Here’s the kicker, the dang case broke 3 days after she took it outta the box.

Yeah… awesome end to an already awful customer experience.

[- – – – – – – – -/TRUE STORY – – – – – – – – – -]

Ecom dropshipping is a true churn and burn model.

It’s also a big fat pain in the arse, in my opinion.

Way too many moving parts and a customer service nightmare.

I’m sure the gurus sell you on “hands-free automation integrations” or some ridiculous “magic software”.

Show me a hands-free software that’ll respond to disgruntled customers who either haven’t received their product 3 weeks after ordering it…


…received it only to have it break less than a week later.

Ain’t no software for that, my friend.

The take-away from this story is, the “hands-free” business model sold to aspiring ecom marketers is the polar opposite of hands-free.

More importantly, there’s ZERO personal connection involved in the sale.

You’re just another sucker in their database. I’d be surprised if they ever make a 2nd sale to an existing customer.

Not my kinda business.

I prefer REAL hands-free businesses.

A business that allows you to leverage the power of technology to reach thousands upon thousands of prospects whenever you want.

Without all the BS involved in shipping physical products.

A business where you can acquire a lead (read: subscriber) for $0.80 to $1.00 and earn $50 or more from them over the course of their long-term relationship with you.

Interested in learning more? This case study reveals how to get subscribers for $0.50 or less and how to get a massive amount of penny clicks from Facebook.


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