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6 “Affiliate Friendly” Penny Click Traffic Sources (Millions of Clicks Available)

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The whole mantra that cheap traffic delivers low-quality visitors is just non-sense.

I’ve personally used, and continue to use, each and every one of the six traffic sources in this report.

Why would I continue using them if all they delivered were low-quality prospects? I would never waste money like that… even if it is cheap traffic.

Usually, the people who say claim that certain traffic sources don’t convert are people who throw $50 at a campaign, get no results, and quit.

$50 is nowhere near enough money to make that kind of assumption.

There are a lot of variables that need to be tested to determine whether or not a traffic source is of high quality:

  • The ad
  • The landing page/squeeze page
  • The targeting
  • The offer (usually the problem)

In most cases, the offer is the problem. It doesn’t matter if you have the best ad in the world, an amazing landing page, and spot-on targeting… if your offer doesn’t convert… you’re toast.

But we’re already way behind the scope of this report. My plan here is to just reveal 6 of my favorite “penny click” traffic sources.

Lets move on.

Penny Click Traffic Source #1: Propel Media

Propel Media is a pay-per-view (PPV) ad platform. You can display any web page you want to their users.

They build up their audience by creating online games and letting people play them for free. In return, those people agree to see ads.

The ads are displayed when a user visits a site that triggers one of your ads. You can target other website URL’s or you can target specific keywords.

Here’s an example… one of the niches I’m in is the gardening niche. We’ve determined that some of our best customers are subscribers of Mother Earth News magazine.

So, I setup a campaign so that our squeeze page opens in a new tab anytime someone visits the Mother Earth News website. Here’s that squeeze page:

PPV Ad Example
PPV Ad Example

Now, it only works if the person visiting Mother Earth News is a user of one of Propel’s games and has their adware installed on their computer.

The way PPV works is, you pay for every impression (for every view) of your page. The starting bid for US traffic on Propel is $0.011 per view. But you can get International traffic for less than a penny per view.

With PPV, I highly recommend you either send this traffic to a squeeze page so you can build an email list or send them to a CPA offer with a low barrier to entry. It’s tough to convert someone straight to a sale from PPV.

I’m able to able to get gardening email subscribers for as low as $0.04/ea. using this method alone. And the targeting options are literally endless.

Only downside to Propel Media, which it isn’t really a downside, is you’re required to deposit $1,000 to start advertising.

For a lot of people, that’s not doable. I get it. But if you’re determined to make this work, it’s gonna take an investment.

Propel is affiliate friendly but they’re definitely gonna be more picky about what you’re promoting. I suggest you just build a list and then promote your affiliate products. They have no problem with that.

Penny Click Traffic Source #2: RevContent

This traffic source is extremely overlooked and underused by marketers. I think marketers just assume it’s either too expensive or not a good fit for them.

RevContent can be used for a wide range of different affiliate marketing strategies. I’ve had success direct-linking, sending traffic to a landing page first, and sending traffic straight to a $7.00 digital offer.

RevContent is a content recommendation network. They have the ad blocks that say “You May Also Like”… that are displayed below a lot of the popular sites online.

Bids start as low as $0.02 for US traffic. A word of warning though… you need to be vigilant monitoring all of the placements of your campaign.

There’s a lot of malicious publishers out there who have bots programmed to click ads on their sites so they can earn more revenue. RevContent makes it easy to blacklist different placements or they give you the option to just pick a few placements that you know are legit to run your ads on.

Overall, it’s a great platform.

Penny Click Traffic Source #3: Facebook

People are shocked when I mention “penny clicks” and Facebook in the same sentence these days.

It’s still very possible, and in fact, pretty easy to get penny clicks. It really comes down to your ad.

It needs to deliver something of great value or something that’s groundbreaking news. Basically, what I mean is, your ad needs to get engagement from your audience.

They need to be liking it, sharing it, and commenting on it. Make it something they really WANT to share.

Here’s an example of one I did in the dog niche:

Facebook Ad Example
Facebook Ad Example

This was a simple article I quickly wrote in about 30 minutes after doing a little research online.

I new it was something women were interested in because I saw some decent response to a post someone else made about it.

This one ad generated 5,276 clicks for $86.55. That’s $0.0164 per click. Mostly because of how engaged my audience was. You can see how many reactions and shares it had.

I’ve replicated this same strategy in a number of other niches as well.

I also know a lot of people are doing the same thing with videos. I’ve personally never used video on Facebook but I know they’re getting really, really cheap views.

Penny Click Traffic Source #4: Content Ad

Content.Ad was my first attempt at a content recommendation network. It took me a while to figure it all out but it was definitely worth while.

There are millions of penny clicks available on this network for mobile traffic and mobile traffic converts like crazy.

Here are my results for one day for one of my campaigns:

For this campaign, I’m only bidding on US desktop traffic and it’s still only $0.04 per click.

One of the biggest opportunities for beginner marketers is international traffic. Traffic is cheap and conversions are just as good as the US.

In some cases, I’ve had higher conversions in countries like the United Kingdom and Canada.

There are millions of penny clicks available for international traffic on Content.Ad… as well as all of the other networks in this report.

Penny Click Traffic Source #5: PopAds

I was really late to the game with mobile marketing. I guess better late than never, right?!

I stumbled across PopAds in August 2017. PopAds is a pop-under (and pop-up) network. Now, I haven’t run a lot of campaigns here but I have done pretty well with a few different CPA offers.

I don’t do much CPA so I know this traffic is good if I was able to get it to convert really quickly.

Here’s a sampling of some of the results I got over a 3-day period of time:

PopAds Campaign Results
PopAds Campaign Results

That’s three different campaigns that I ran each of those three days. If you look at the math, I received 43,471 impressions (views) for $50.83. That’s $0.0012 per click. Yes, that’s about a tenth of a cent per view.

The thing about these types of networks is you have to get REALLY granular with your campaigns. Don’t just slam something together really quick and run it on 18 different countries.

I was able to make money by choosing an offer, picking one country that the offer was good in, and then going really narrow with my targeting. My most profitable offer was actually in Estonia.

Penny Click Traffic Source #6: AdShop

AdShop is actually a part of the Infolinks ad network. The traffic type is called inline text ads.

They’re those ads you see in content where a word or phrase is hyperlinked and when you hover over it an ad pops up.

AdShop is actually a PPC network. You only get charged when someone clicks your ad. Not when they hover over the word and see your ad.

Here are results from a campaign I ran on AdShop:

AdShop Campaign Results
AdShop Campaign Results

Again, there are millions of penny clicks available here as well. All six of the traffic sources I’ve shared with you I’ve made money with as an affiliate.

Most of the time I build email lists and promote Clickbank offers. That’s my go-to strategy for affiliate marketing. Build an asset that you can profit from for years to come.


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