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I live and breathe this stuff every day. At any given time, I have 5-10 paid traffic campaigns running in a number of different niches, all outside of the internet marketing and make money online verticals. I know what works and what doesn't. Better than that... I know TONS of sneaky little traffic tricks all the big boys are too greedy to share with you.

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When you're running multiple online businesses, spending thousands of dollars per month on paid ads, and adding thousands of new email subscribers to your email list, you discover some pretty nifty money-making strategies on a daily basis. Not to mention all of the conversion boosting tricks and email psychology hacks. As a valued subscriber, I share all of that with you.

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Doing this stuff for over a decade has its perks. People approach you for advice, job offers, and potential deals. This gives you the opportunity to peek inside other people's businesses that you normally wouldn't get the chance to do. I only share the nitty-gritty details that I find during these discovery days with my subscribers.

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I rarely promote other people's products. Mostly because it's rare to find a product worthy of your attention. Every email I send does contain an offer. However, every email I send also contains at least one valuable lesson, usually more. My subscribers stay "subscribed" for years and years because of one very specific reason... I put their best interest ahead of my own. Plain and simple.

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