You probably know more than me. Heck, you’re probably smarter than me! So… use your smarter brain and make an educated decision on what to do with the information I provide for you. My results may not be typical but if you put forth the same amount of effort as I did, I can guarantee you’ll be farther ahead than most.

One of my favorite quotes is… “Action speaks louder than words but not nearly as often” – Mark Twain

So we discussed results, now lets hit on website logistics.

Be aware – every link you see on my site could very well be an affiliate link promoting a product that I will earn a commission on if you decide to make the purchase. But know this… I will NEVER promote a product that I have not purchased myself (or was given a copy by the creator), that I haven’t used and absolutely loved and that I don’t think highly of the customer service.

You should also be aware that the purpose of every content-packed post I write may put money in my pocket one way or another. I would be stupid NOT to monetize my posts. For Pete’s sake, this is a daggum blog about MAKING MONEY!


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