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Duston McGroarty

Internet Entrepreneur

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Done For You Affiliate Websites For Sale


Yes, that’s right… I have Done For You Affiliate Websites For Sale.

But why? Why would I build and sell affiliate sites to someone else? Why not just build them for myself and keep all the commissions I would make in my own pocket?

Well, the answer to that question is two-fold. One, I’m already in all the affiliate niches I want to be in.

Two, there’s millions of dollars to be made for any affiliate who has the cojones to get started and stick with it. And, it’s the “sticking with it” part that gets most people. Most people give up way too soon. They’re afraid of doing the work.

Lucky for you, I’ve done most of the work for you.

All that’s left for you to do is…

Drive Traffic To Your Affiliate Site

Obviously, you may have to tweak some things here or there based on your traffic source but these done for you sites are basically “turnkey”.

I see people wasting too much time upfront “building” their business. Going through course after course, trying to the learn “the best method”. Yet they never launch their business. And they never even drive one visitor to their website.

That vicious cycle stops right here, right now.

Because today you have the opportunity to get a MASSIVE head-start over every other affiliate. You get to skip right past the entire affiliate marketing learning curve and anoint yourself…

Instant Super Affiliate

Sounds scammy and hypey, right?

I know, I hate that crap too. I’m not one of those scammy, hypey marketers. Never have been. I tell it like it is… right up front. People like it that way. I’m sure you do too.

If you’re looking for overnight riches or push-button cash windfalls… you’re in the wrong place. Sorry. I’m not your guy.

However, I’ve made this as easy as it can possibly be. I made these sites myself. I engineered the entire affiliate funnel. I hand-picked everything that’s included.

All you have to do is… drive traffic.

I’ll even show you where the best places are to get traffic from and all the “insider tips” most affiliate marketers would never share with you.

That’s it. Affiliate marketing is not hard. People make it hard.

But There Is A Catch

If you’re looking for a ready-made 50-page authority affiliate site that you can use SEO tactics on to get ranked in the search engines… this is not for you.

This is for affiliates who want to get thousands of highly targeted visitors to their site in a few short days. Affiliates who want to build massive email lists in no time flat.

Affiliates who want to build an asset. An email list is an asset. At any time I can fire up my Aweber account, write up a quick email, and blast it out to my list of over 230,000 subscribers and make $3,000, $5,000, even $10,000 or more in just a few short days.

Here’s a screenshot of my shopping cart sales totals from a recent email I sent to my list:

Shopping cart screenshot of one day’s sales earned.

The majority of those sales came from a $297 product I was promoting. Here’s another screenshot of a brand new Clickbank account for a brand new affiliate site I created:

Done For You Affiliate Websites For Sale Clickbank Income Proof

This was a brand new affiliate site I built and instantly ran paid traffic to it. I was quickly averaging $250/day of profit (total commissions minus ad spend) while at the same time building an email list that I can market to for years to come. And, this is exactly what I’m offering to you today.

Here’s What You Get

These are complete, done-for-you, turnkey affiliate businesses.

Now you can effortlessly go from complete beginner to Super Affiliate overnight.

Each Instant Super Affiliate Business comes with a professionally designed lead capture page…

Done For You Lead Capture Pages

…an in-depth report to giveaway to build your list (with a professionally designed cover)…

Done For You Lead Magnet Report

…a professionally designed banner to drive traffic to your lead capture page…

…and most importantly…

…a high-converting affiliate site, loaded with high-quality content and designed with one goal in mind…


And you guessed it…

…Each site uses my “Million Dollar Website Layout”…

…the same layout that’s earned me more than $4 Million online…

This layout is guaranteed to funnel as much traffic as possible over to your desired affiliate offers.

Every page on these sites, every pixel of their design…

…was purposely put in place to make YOU money.

But that’s not all…

A “turnkey” business wouldn’t be complete without a high-converting email sequence.

Each Instant Super Affiliate Business comes with its own email sequence designed to put more money in your pocket.

(Of course, you could always write your own email sequence and if you do… I suggest you read my Autoresponder Madness Review first.)

Now you can go from nothing…

…to Super Affiliate with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Simply upload your brand new affiliate business, answer a few questions, and you’re set. Nothing could be easier.

In reality, what you’re getting is a VIP pass to jump to the front of the line.

Straight to the MAKING MONEY phase.

Now you can skip the first four coaching videos of The Copy Paste Affiliate Coaching Program (totaling over 3 hours of in-depth training)…

…and leapfrog straight to the video where you learn how to make money.

It’s LITERALLY a shortcut to make money faster.

Here’s what you can expect after becoming an Instant Super Affiliate…

Within 10-15 minutes you’ll have your first Instant Super Affiliate Business uploaded and live online.

It’s as easy as point and click.

But just in case, I’ve recorded a video that shows you how to quickly go through this process. Don’t worry, it’s really easy.

Within the first hour, you’ll start seeing traffic land on your site.

Since all the hard work has already been done for you…

…all of the niche research…

…all of the content creation…

…the email follow-up series…

…and the entire automated affiliate website setup…

…you can focus on the most important part…


And yes… these Instant Super Affiliate Businesses are 100% yours. (The only thing you can’t do with them is sell them as is to other people)

Unlike the “gurus” who charge $10k-$15k EACH for similar turnkey sites…

…I didn’t outsource the creation of these affiliate businesses.

I’m not comfortable handing over an outsourced hodgepodge of private label crap.

Everything you’re getting was 100% hand-selected by me for YOU.


Because I actually built these affiliate businesses for myself.

Not as some lame half-assed afterthought just to earn an extra buck.

You can rest easy knowing that I built these with one goal in mind…

…to make massive affiliate commissions.

Because your financial future is at stake…

I’ve decided to do something a little crazy…

As much as I’d like to promise you this offer will be here for you tomorrow…

I simply can’t say that in good conscious.

What I can and will offer you is the absolute best price possible for your Instant Super Affiliate Business.

Your own arsenal of profitable affiliate funnels.

I really believe your financial future is on the line here…

…and that means making sure you can get your hands on this right now.

However, your borderline ‘Insane’ discount is only available to you on this page…

…AND before the set number of licenses are Sold Out.

You’re probably wondering how much this is gonna cost…

Well, I’ve priced it out myself.

I went out and got prices from outsourced workers to have them build me my own automated affiliate business…

…and here’s what they wanted to charge me:

A 20-Page In-Depth Report… $100.

A High-Converting Lead Capture Page and Thank You Page (designed and coded)… $80.

A Direct Response Style Banner Ad Design… $40.

5 High-Quality Pieces of Website Content… $50.

A High-Converting Email Sequence (of 5 emails) to Promote Affiliate Products… $70.

An Automated Affiliate Website Setup Including:

An Optimized Sidebar Loaded With Content and Relevant Offers

Optimized Sidebar Done For You Affiliate Website

A “Recommended Reading” Block Below Each Article Packed Full of Affiliate Offers

Recommended Reading Block

An Exit-Popup Affiliate Offer Wall With the Option to Target Men or Women

Exit Popup Done For You Affiliate Website

A Responsive Layout That Looks Great and Converts On ANY Device

Responsive Layout Done For You Affiliate Website

A Settings Panel To Give the Affiliate One Central Location to Control Their Entire Business

Legal Pages Including Terms & Conditions and a Privacy Policy

All professionally designed, professionally coded, and totally secure… $450.

That’s a total of $790…

…for just ONE affiliate business.

You’re not just getting one done-for-you turnkey affiliate business…

…or TWO or even THREE…

You’re getting instant access to FIVE completely done-for-you turnkey affiliate businesses.

Each one in its own proven and profitable niche market…

All markets I’ve made money in as an affiliate (remember, I built these for myself.)

But you won’t pay the $3,950 that it would cost you to get these affiliate businesses built by someone else.

Now you can get all five of these done-for-you affiliate businesses…

…for just one payment of $197.00. Yes, just $197.00.

But there are only 100 licenses available.

This isn’t some BS scarcity tactic you’ve seen used by other marketers.

This offer WILL BE capped at 100 licenses.

Just like all of my offers, you’re always covered by my Triple Guarantee…

If for some reason you download one of the affiliate businesses and don’t like the report I wrote…

…or you don’t like the color I chose for the logo…

…or you just decide to give up and go back to your life the way it was…

…you’ll be covered by my 60-day money-back guarantee.

No matter what the issue is, just let me know and I’ll happily give you your money back.

So act right now so you too can experience results like so many other super affiliates see on a daily basis.

Click the link below, complete your payment, and you’ll immediately receive an email with instructions on how to download your 5 new affiliate sites:

Click Here To Secure Your 5 D4Y Affiliate Sites

Claim Your
Free Copy!

Enter your first name and email address below to get a FREE digital copy of...

the big book of internet income secrets


When you claim your FREE digital copy of my book by submitting the form above, you’ll be added to my email list where you’ll receive sporadic email newsletters and promotional offers from me. Your information is 100%. View my Privacy Policy.

Duston McGroarty

Internet Entrepreneur

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Free Stuff to make you more money

Claim Your
Free Copy!

Enter your first name and email address below to get a FREE digital copy of...

the big book of internet income secrets


When you claim your FREE digital copy of my book by submitting the form above, you’ll be added to my email list where you’ll receive sporadic email newsletters and promotional offers from me. Your information is 100% secure. View my Privacy Policy.

51 Responses

  1. Hi,

    Wich plugin/theme/builder do you use too build these landing pages?
    I have a niche but no specific products I want to promote, do you come up with products for us?


    1. Hi David,

      These are all built as regular HTML/CSS web pages. This gives you 100% control over the layout and the code so you can use the best tracking methods possible. If necessary, I can build them through ClickFunnels but you would have to setup your own tracking solution for this option.


  2. Hi Duston, I am thinking of buying your program, but all my sites are on a reseller account. Does that work for you, since you said you would be setting most of it up? It would probably be about weight loss.

    If I did go with weight loss, would my content be unique, or the same as everyone else that chose weight loss?

  3. Hi Duston.
    I don’t mean to be rude in asking this but can you give me a good answer as to why I wouldn’t just buy something like affilojetpack, admittedly for twice the price, but get 5 full websites, suggested products, much larger email funnel / auto responder etc etc etc?

    1. Hi Mindy,

      AffiloJetpack is great. I’m not one to knock other people’s products. It’s just a different approach really. Mark’s business model for those niches is really a newsletter model where he delivers a wide array of content with subtle pitches throughout. That model works great. It’s similar to what I do in the gardening niche. However, the funnels I’m offering here are mostly built around one very specific problem that leads to a solution (the product you’re promoting). The emails I write are not generic PLR content. They are carefully crafted sales pieces disguised as content that lead to the sale. Hopefully that answers your question.

  4. Duston, when you choose the affiliated products that will be promoted, do you ensure all of the indiv affililiate links are built into the website AND the auto responder emails so that we don’t have to do that?
    Also, am I reading it right – I don;t load anything on the auto responder or configure it in any way – it’s all done??


  5. Hi again Duston,

    Is 5 emails enough to get the job done? What happens when those 5 emails run their course. Are we then having to go off and pay someone to write more? (Thereby effectively making the cost of the site more than the baseline price).
    Or do you just assume that if someone hasn’t bought anything after 5 emails, then don’t worry about them, wait for the next new name to come along and hope that the series of 5 emails grabs them instead?

  6. Hi Dustin,

    We found your service via your post on Google Plus. This is a great deal. We were wondering what other affiliate networks other than Clickbank do you recommend. We would love to make $297 commissions too. Thank you.

    1. I know Software Projects is another one a lot of former Clickbank vendors moved over to. Also, there are many private in-house affiliate programs that are good. Once you pick a niche, let me know and I can probably give you a few recommendations.

  7. I love this idea. How does the hosting and domains work? And if more emails are needed do you offer support on these? Also are we able to add pages/content, or edit?


    1. The hosting and domains are your choice. I do offer email sequence packages just email me and we can discuss that further. These sites are created with PHP so you can definitely add more pages/content but you really need to know what you’re doing… it’s not as easy as adding a page in WordPress.

      1. I see. I certainly don’t want to get into anything complicated lol. So this begs the question: would I even need to add content/more pages or works just as is? Thanks Duston!

        1. No, there isn’t a need for more content. They weren’t created to be content heavy sites. They’re not made for SEO purposes but instead to drive paid traffic to them.

  8. I understand, sounds good. I purchased your Copy Paste program and learned what you mean about skipping the work in videos 1-4. I’m headed over to buy this program right now. The less work and time the better, as I still work full-time. By the way I remember your Dad from years ago. I seem to remember sand and little plants for some reason lol. How funny to run into his work again after all these years.

  9. So do you provide the email auto responders too? Do we need an auto responder to do this? I don’t mind. Just want to know what I’m walking into when I do this.

  10. Hey Dustin, I am very interested in purchasing your package. I am just a bit apprehensive that I might be overwhelmed with 5 sites. I guess I wouldn’t necessarily have to get all of them up and running at the same time. I have confidence in what you offer.

    1. Hi Veron, the main reason for including 5 DFY businesses is because everything likes different niches. I would recommend you only choose one to start with and get it up and running before starting another one.

    1. Hi Richard, I don’t personally use these any more… I’ve moved into other niches but others who have bought them reported good profits. It just depends on how you use them, if you build a list, and how good you are at getting targeted traffic.

  11. Hi Duston,

    I’m interested in your done-for-you websites.

    I have just one query about your paid traffic sources. If it is Google Adwords, then I may not be able to use it because they have disabled my ad account. Are you using only this paid source for generating sales?

    I’d also like to know how much you have to spend daily to earn that much sales in Clickbank product? What will be the percentage of profit to ad spend?

    Thanks and have a great day!

    1. Hi Nick, it’s definitely not AdWords… they’re way too expensive for affiliate marketing in these niches. Ad spend varies day to day but I always shoot for a 100% ROI… so if I spend $100, I want to make $200.

      1. What is the main traffic you use to reach the goal 100% ROI, Duston? How about Bing Ads? Do you think Bing ads is suitable for Clickbank product?

  12. Hi Duston,

    How do you think about many affiliate marketers that running the same funnel you create ? Is it saturated ?

    1. Nope. There are literally MILLIONS of people in this world looking to pay for this information and only a few thousands marketers actually providing it at scale.

    1. I’ve sold less than 50 of these packages and I can bet less 5 people actually did anything with them. Unfortunately, that’s the way it is.

      1. Beautiful! Thanks much Duston. Joined Affiliate Frontline and saw your businesses there. Wanted to confirm so maybe somebody else will take advantage of your help too.

        1. Yes! They are all inside Affiliate Frontline now, thanks for posting that here… I’ve been meaning to update this post.

    1. Sorry, it’s currently closed to new members. I’ll be creating an offer for these D4Y sites and adding it here shortly.

  13. Hi – I’m a total rookie to this, so maybe you can elaborate a little for me. Is everything basically set up for me and I just have to drive traffic to the site? Or is there more I need to do. I’m looking for paying for basically everything to be turn-key and I am just responsible for getting people to the site. If this is NOT that, maybe you can point me in the right direction. THANK YOU FOR YOUR RESPONSE!

    1. No, you basically get everything you need from me but you still have to set it all up. I really need to change the name of these to “pre-built affiliate sites” because that’s a better description of what they are.

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