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Autoresponder Madness Review: A $60,532.00 Case Study

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This Autoresponder Madness Review is MUCH different than anything you’ve probably read before.

It’s not so much a review of the course as it is a real-life case study.

A case study in which I took what I learned from Andre Chaperon (the brains behind Autoresponder Madness) and turned it into $60,532.00 in less than a year.

Needless to say… Andre’s methods work!

I’m getting ahead of myself though.

Let me back up. Back to early 2012.

My dad and I were attending Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher’s Traffic & Conversion Summit.

Back before they had thousands and thousands of attendees.

Somewhere in the middle of Day 2 Perry was talking about follow-up email sequences.

He said he was using some new sequences in the financial niche that were converting at like 20%.

I immediately perked up in my seat.

He went on to say it was all because of a training he went through by this guy named Andre Chaperon called Autoresponder Madness.

He said it was only like $197 and it had already paid for itself one hundred times over.

That night in my hotel room I jumped on my laptop and ordered my own copy.

Back then, the course was delivered 100% via email and it was dripped out over 30 or 40 days.

The waiting was BRUTAL!

But I’ll tell you this… I’ve NEVER went through a more LIFE-CHANGING course than Autoresponder Madness.

And I’m not just saying that because I want you to buy through my affiliate link.

(I do want you to buy through affiliate link and I’ll tell you why you should later.)

This course has honestly changed my life.

It’s opened my eyes to the real way selling should happen.

And even better than that… AUTOMATED SELLING.

Autoresponder Madness Review: The $60,532.00 Case Study

On the airplane on the way home from Traffic & Conversion I put a plan together that would utilize the new Autoresponder Madness methods I was learning.

At that time we were selling a $37 front-end product.

We had (and still have) a very large email list of gardeners who signed up to receive our gardening newsletter.

Inside that newsletter we would include little ads for this $37 product.

Many people would click the ad, visit the page, and then leave. Some people bought it… only about 1%.

Then, the next week we’d send out another gardening newsletter with another little ad promoting the same product.

And on and on.

A 1% conversion to sale on a $37 info-product in a niche like gardening is pretty good. But for me… it wasn’t good enough.

It killed me to lose 99% of the people who showed an interest in the product by clicking the link.

That’s where my new plan came in.

The plan was simple… add an exit pop-up on the sales page that made an offer to the visitor to start their training for FREE.

Here’s what that exit pop-up looked like:

Autoresponder Madness Review: Exit Pop-up Offer

This exit pop-up worked amazingly well!

Now, this was back in 2012 and at that time performance numbers weren’t my strong suit.

So… I can’t tell you for certain exactly what percentage of people who saw this pop-up opted in.

But I can tell you this…

I’ve recently implemented almost the exact same tactic on a new sales page and using this really simple exit pop-up maker I’m able to quickly see what my stats are.

Autoresponder Madness Review: Exit Pop-up Stats

I’m getting almost a 15% opt-in rate from the visitors who are leaving this sales page without buying. And I know my results were similar with the exit pop-up above.

You’re probably wondering… how the heck does this fit in to an Autoresponder Madness Review?

Just simmer down… I’m getting there. I thought it would be more instructional to show you how I’ve used the course instead of just giving you the same lame run down of what’s inside the member’s area when you join.

And… if you read til the end… I’ll show you why you need to buy through my affiliate link. So keep reading.

Back to the case study.

What I realized by adding this exit pop-up to our sales page was… half of the traffic we were getting to this sales page were new visitors, people that were not on our email list yet.

The other half were subscribers from our gardening newsletter who click on an ad.

Now, we had a separate stand-alone list of people who have “raised their hand” and said they were very interested in our product.

So interested that they took the time to give us their name and email address to they could get started with the training for free.

If you haven’t figured it out yet… the “free training” was a sales pitch in disguise and it was crafted using everything I learned from the Autoresponder Madness training.

The autoresponder sequence itself was 8 emails set to deliver one per day.

This simple little autoresponder sequence took our 1% conversion rate on that $37 bumped it all the way up to 9.12%!

And the best part? It’s 100% automated!

All we had to do was drive traffic to the sales page. If some people bought immediately… great. If not, we could grab them on the way out and convert them in a few days.

This one little 8-email autoresponder sequence generated $60,532.00 in the 5 short months it ran. We’ve used a similar process for all of our products every since.

My 100% Authentic Autoresponder Madness Review

I owe Andre Chaperon so much more money than the $197 I spent on his course.

The course is now $297 but he’s turned it into a private membership site and has added so much more to it.

Truth is, I’d happily give him $5,000 or more for this course. Why? Because look at how much it’s made for me in just this one example.

If you have any interest at all in building an email list and profiting from it for years to come… you NEED Autoresponder Madness.

It’s a requirement for success, in my opinion.

So why should you buy through my affiliate link?

Well, if there’s any problem at all with Autoresponder Madness… it’s that its assumed you already have an email list.

But what if you don’t? The course does not include any info at all on how to actually drive traffic and build your list.

Fret not.

Because if you buy Autoresponder Madness through my affiliate link I’m going to give you a whole slew of traffic-generating and list-building bonuses.

These are all products I’ve sold and am still currently selling. Here’s just some of you’ll learn when you buy through my affiliate link:

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With these three bonuses… you’ll never have to worry about traffic every again. Seriously.

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  1. Duston,
    I am a bit confused. You give Autoresponder Madness such a great review yet I can’t find an email signup form on your site. I’m wondering why you’re not implementing these techniques.

    • Duston McGroarty Reply

      I don’t spend a lot of time in the IM niche. It kinda takes a back seat to everything else I’m doing.

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