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Voluum Alternative: This New Affiliate Campaign Tracker is AMAZING!

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I have a feeling that the phrase Voluum Alternative is going to be a hot search topic going forward so I wanted to put up a quick post about this new affiliate tracker that was recommended to me.

It’s called Redtrack and let me tell you… it’s an AMAZING Voluum alternative.

It has everything Voluum has and even a bit more. But probably the best part is, it’s free up to 50,000 monthly events.

In case you’re not familiar with affiliate tracking lingo… an event is any time the tracking platform is called when someone clicks one of your links.

So, if you’re taking them to a lander on your own server here are all of the things that could be considered a tracking event:

  • Visit: when someone clicks your campaign link and goes to your lander
  • Click: when someone clicks a CTA (call-to-action) button on your lander and is redirected to an offer
  • Conversion: any successful action that is relayed from the offer (lead or sale)

But 50,000 monthly events is a lot for an affiliate who’s just getting started.

And their next plan is $29/mo and you get 300,000 monthly events.

They also have pre-made templates for tons of different affiliate networks and traffic sources.

That way you don’t have to figure out all of the different tracking macros and parameters on your own. It’s a really cool feature.

Here are all of the affiliate network and traffic network templates included with Redtrack…

Redtrack Affiliate Network Templates

  • Bomboffers
  • Mobidea
  • Advidi
  • Mundomedia
  • Mobalfa
  • Adcombo
  • Kimia
  • Clickdealer
  • Gotzha
  • Pinox
  • Convert2media
  • Promorich
  • Yeahmobi
  • CityAds
  • MaxBounty
  • Peerfly
  • BillyMob
  • Leadbit
  • BitterStrawberry
  • Clickbank
  • CrackRevenue
  • DigitalRaves
  • Shopify
  • CPAGrip
  • Afflow/Monetizer
  • Los Pollos

Redtrack Traffic Network Templates

  • Google AdWords
  • Go2Mobi
  • TrafficForce
  • SiteScout
  • PopADS
  • MobFox
  • LeadBolt
  • Inmobi
  • MobAds
  • Avazu
  • AirPush
  • Adcash
  • AdSimilate
  • Admoda
  • Zeropark
  • Adamoads
  • PlugRush
  • VisitWeb
  • ExoClick
  • MyTarget
  • MGID
  • PopCash
  • BingAds
  • TrafficJunky
  • PPCMate
  • Facebook
  • Clickky
  • Ligatus
  • Tonic
  • Adsterra
  • RoyalAds
  • Mobusi
  • StartApp
  • AdNow
  • Revcontent
  • Taboola
  • HasTraffic

I haven’t been this excited about an affiliate tracker since I first discovered Voluum a number of years ago.

I highly recommend checking Redtrack out.

Throughout my time as a digital marketer I’ve used many different affiliate trackers. If Redtrack isn’t for you, here are a few more you can try out…

Voluum Alternatives

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