The Highest Paying Online Job in 2020

I originally sent this email to 114 people back on January 7, 2019.

This email is even more powerful today, with only a few days remaining in 2019.

[ – – – My email from January 7, 2019 begins here – – – ]

If I said you would make $200,000 this year, if you would just spend one hour per day xxxxxxx xxxxxxx…

…would you do it?

What’s that? Why do you need to see what’s behind those black X’s?

Does it really matter? I promise it’s nothing illegal.

It’s actually something simple you can do from your computer at home.

Would you do it? C’mon, would you?

I asked my 14-year-old son, Aydan, this question and he kinda looked at me weird for a second, thought about it for another five seconds (because he knows I’m serious), and eagerly says, YES!

You see, when it’s put like this, when you have no clue what’s involved, how much experience you think you need, whether it’s been proven by someone else already…

It’s easier to say, yes.

Because you can see yourself doing it.

You can immediately picture yourself on the couch with your laptop open or at your desk clicking away with your mouse.

An hour a day, every day, for $200,000 of income. It’s almost a no-brainer, right?


There’s still that tiny little bit of doubt in your mind that you can’t do whatever it is behind those black X’s.

What if I told you my 8-year-old son can complete the tasks behind those black X’s?

Kinda puts your mind at ease a little, right?

What if I also told you the tasks behind those black X’s could be outsourced for about $20/hr?


1 hour per day times 365 days per year equals 365 hours of total work. 365 hours times $20 per hour equals $7,300.00.

Would you spend $7,300.00 to make $200,000.00? Yes, I’m sure. Maybe you don’t have $7,300.00 right now, so I’ll put it another way…

1 hour per day times 30 days per month equals 30 hours of work per month. 30 hours times $20 per hour equals $600 per month.

Maybe that’s a little easier for you. If not, just do the hour’s worth of work yourself.

Here’s the catch:

You don’t get a dime of the $200,000.00 until the sixth month.

Meaning, you have to do six months worth of work first before you even make a dime.

Now would you still do it?

I imagine asking these same questions to a room full of attendees and watching as more and more hands slowly go down.

Why is this? Why are we so afraid of doing work in advance of payment?

The answer: the psychology of instant gratification.

It’s in our DNA. When we don’t get fulfillment on our actions, it creates anxiety and tension in our mind.

Breaking down your human desires and fighting with everything you have to avoid the trap of instant gratification is nearly impossible.

What I’ve given you above is the perfect example of this.

I even gave you an option to where you don’t have to do any of the work yourself.

My guess is very few people reading this email would ever complete an hour’s worth of work every single day for six months without being paid until the end… regardless of the tasks required.

Still curious about what’s behind those black X’s?

[ – – – My email from January 7, 2019 ends here – – – ]

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