How To Post Affiliate Links On Pinterest (SNEAKY!)

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, visit my disclosure page.

The other day I went over to Google and typed in “how to post affiliate links on Pinterest”… because I’ve been wanting to test this traffic source out for quite a while now.

I was surprised at how little help the results were that I found on the first page of Google.

Most of what I found was talking about Pinterest’s decision to allow affiliate links again back in May of 2016.

Everything else I found basically told me to find an affiliate product to promote, pin the affiliate product’s page, and then go back and edit the URL of the pin and add my affiliate link.

While that’s cool and everything… that limits what I can pin. I’m basically limited to pinning sales pages.

Or, in the case of Amazon, I could pin a product page… except that Amazon doesn’t allow their affiliates to promote products on Pinterest. Dang.

What if I wanted to promote a Clickbank product like, Ted’s Woodworking?

How could I do that on Pinterest?

Here’s how…

How To Post Affiliate Links On Pinterest (The Old Way)

I say “the old way” because I personally think my “new way” is so much better… even though “the old way” still works.

Before I reveal my super-sneaky, awesome “new way”… let me walk you through “the old way” because I still suggest doing this too.

Step 1: Pin The Product’s Sales Page

If you don’t already have the Pinterest browser button… you can get that here. It just makes it easier to pin stuff right from your browser window.

Then, open up the sales page for the product you want to promote. In my case, I’m promoting Ted’s Woodworking so I’ll pull that page up.

Ted's Woodworking Sales Page
Ted’s Woodworking Sales Page

Now, I’ll click the Pin It browser button.

Results after clicking the Pin It button
Results after clicking the Pin It button

I’ll choose the image on the top left as the one that’s displayed on my Pinterest board.

Choose which board to pin it to
Choose which board to pin it to

I’ll pin this to the Furniture board and then view the pin.

Add your affiliate link
Add your affiliate link

Step 2: Edit The Pin and Insert Your Affiliate Link

Now I’ll click the pencil icon at the top left to edit this pin.

Change existing link to your affiliate link
Change existing link to your affiliate link

Now I’ll replace the existing product sales page link with my Clickbank affiliate link.

Oops is right!
Oops is right!

Uh oh… guess you can’t post Clickbank affiliate links to Pinterest anymore. Dang. Bitly links don’t work either.

If you have a WordPress site, you can use the free Pretty Link Lite plugin and create a cloaked affiliate link to use here.

If you have no other way of creating a redirect link to cloak your Clickbank affiliate links… you’ll have to move on to my new method below.

So, to finish off “the old way” I’ll show you how it looks when it’s done…

How To Post Affiliate Links On Pinterest—"The Old Way"
How To Post Affiliate Links On Pinterest—”The Old Way”

In the image above you can see the new pin I added where the red arrow is. It’s kinda like a native ad inside a bunch of other relevant content.

When you click on that pin, a small window pops up giving you more info and if you click on the the Visit button… you’re taken to the sales page using my affiliate link (I created one using Pretty Link Lite from inside my WordPress site).

Does this “old way” work?

Yes, absolutely. It works good.

But here’s the problem I have with it.

On this one Pinterest board I have 23 different pins… one of them being a pin that includes my affiliate link.

Which means, unless they visit that ONE site… I have no chance of earning any commissions.

So, what happens when someone visits one of the other 22 sites? Nothing. Nothing at all happens. And that’s the problem.

I’m basically sending free traffic to these other sites and getting nothing in return.

What if I told you I found a way to put your Clickbank affiliate link (or any affiliate link for that matter) in front of every single person who visits each of the sites you pin?

Introducing.. my “new way” to post affiliate links on Pinterest.

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  1. Michaele says

    Hello. Does your new ad overly method comply with FTC affiliate marketing disclosure regulations? Thanks.

    1. Duston McGroarty says

      I’m not a lawyer so don’t take this as legal advice… since you don’t own Pinterest, or even the page you’re putting the overlay on, there’s really no way to disclose that you’re an affiliate. Affiliate disclaimers are meant to inform website visitors that your opinions and recommendations may be biased because you’re making money from them. It’s really no different than placing a banner ad on someone’s website and earning a commission if someone clicks and buys. Again, I have no clue how the FTC feels about this and I would recommend checking with an attorney before partaking in any kind of business.

  2. buddy says

    I tried to use this pinterest sniply technique. However, on your screen you show “Step 2: Edit The Pin and Insert Your Affiliate Link” And your screenshots show, “board” “description” “website”

    However, when I am in my pinterest account my edit pin shows “board” “section” “description”
    There is no “website” to add my link?

    1. Duston McGroarty says

      Make sure you’re editing something you’ve already pinned. You can’t change the URL until you’ve pinned it to one of your boards.

  3. Richard says

    Hi. Good article. Do you find that you re still getting ongoing traffic from those pins or is it mainly one-off clicks when the pins are first created? Thanks

    1. Duston McGroarty says

      On-going traffic is the reason I spend the time to pin them in the first place. As people continue to repin them, I keep getting traffic.

      1. Richard says

        Great. That’s what I was hoping to hear.

        I’m thinking of using pinterest to drive traffic to my cat/kitted blog. Have been doing it almost entirely with Facebook, but their ad costs are getting way too high.

        Any tips on how many pins to do a day for maximum effectiveness?

        1. Duston McGroarty says

          I would do at least 20 a day but the more you can do the better off you’ll be.

  4. Remko says

    Very nice article. I was very excited because i somehow i cant get my affiliate links from clickbank not posted. Very strange. I thought your new method would be the answer but no i even get the message its a spam link. So right now i cant post any affiliate link to Pinterest not even with your method. Have you any idea whats the problem?
    And your new method… I still asking myself how its works. A new pin of a not affiliate gets a snip where you have your affiliatelink. But doesnt that mean that everyone who want to read more from that new pin now only sees the affilate page with the snip because we added this snip page/link? Or i am wrong here?

    1. Duston McGroarty says

      You can’t use your affiliate link directly on Pinterest. That’s where comes in. You “snip” the content page that you’re pinning and your link has a call-to-action button that includes a promotion for your affiliate product.

  5. Chelsee says

    Is this method still working? I might be doing something wrong? It’s not working for me. I’m a Clickbank affiliate so I would really appreciate more info. Thank you!

    1. Duston McGroarty says

      Yes, this method still works the only snag now is Pinterest recently blocked the domain so you either have to pay for the paid account and use a custom domain or you can use this tool here which does the same thing.

  6. Elena says

    Hello Duston i liked your article and i think is a great marketing tool, but i wanted to ask you about this other tool i was checking out Lead Grab that you suggested…is this allowed on Pinterest now? or now only paid account works with custom domain?

    1. Duston McGroarty says

      Pinterest should have no problem with you using LeadGrab because you’re using your own custom domain name. Too many people abused the Sniply resource so they stopped allowing that domain.

  7. HH says

    Thanks for the info on leadgrab but I cannot tell if the cost of leadgrab is a one time purchase or a monthly fee or a yearly fee. Also, is it for only one domain or more than one. Does there have to be a website on the domain? Jeeez. Leadgrab should have a FAQ page.

    1. Duston McGroarty says

      The cost is a one time purchase. I’m honestly not sure how many domains it comes with. There doesn’t have to be a website at that domain.

  8. Paulo Ribeiro says

    Hi Duston,

    I think to escalate this strategy you can use an auto pin scheduler (like for ex. tailwind or board booster) to automatize and maximize the odds of conversions.

    Alternative to sniply you have backly, i think they had a free plan but i don’t know if they have it anymore. They are very identical but i think backly its cheaper.

    Great stuff you have in this article.


  9. Bob says

    I’m wondering if this technique works anymore. I followed it very closely and still received the message from Pinterest that they would not allow the link. I also tried with



    1. Duston McGroarty says

      You can’t use the raw Sniply or Bitly links. You have to use your own custom domain. Sniply offers a paid plan where you can use your own domain or you can get this Sniply Alternative.

    2. Duston McGroarty says

      You can’t use the raw Sniply or Bitly links. You have to use your own custom domain. Sniply offers a paid plan where you can use your own domain or you can get this Sniply Alternative.

  10. Mari says

    Good article. For me using Pinterest is a little bit confusing though, What do you mean when you say :
    Instead, curate other people’s content, put it on your own website

    Be sure to give credit appropriately when curating other people’s content.

    Thank you very much for your help and time!!!

    1. Duston McGroarty says

      Instead of writing content yourself, collect good content from around the web and put it on your site but be sure to give them credit by linking back to their site.

  11. lyfe says

    I just used Pretty Links and it works on Pinterest just fine. As you know, when you create a link on Pretty Links it takes your domain name for part of the url and then after the / you just type whatever name you want it to be. So for instance, if you have a website domain named, when you create a url with Pretty Links it will be

    Therefore your domain name is still part of the url that you type in Pinterest so Pinterest isn’t flagging it or not letting you use it. It’s worked for my Clickbank affiliate links.

    So I am not sure I understand the part where you say that Pretty Links doesn’t work. Just did this using Pretty Links on Pinterest a week ago.

    1. Duston McGroarty says

      Pretty Links works perfectly fine when you’re pinning your own content or even an affiliate product. But when you want to pin other people’s content, there’s no way to put an offer in front of people who click on something you pinned from another person’s site. That’s what this strategy is all about.

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