You’re 1 Simple Affiliate Funnel Away From Retiring

You can do this.

I know you can. I believe in you.

You might think you’re too old or that it’s too late to start.

You might think you suck at writing copy or you’re not smart enough.

You might think you don’t have enough money to get started.

You might think you don’t have any experience or expertise to share with the world.


I’m here to tell you… none of that matters.

None of it.

Because with the simple 3-step strategy you’ll learn when you join the Affiliate Ground Zero Bootcamp… you don’t need ANY of that stuff.

You’re never too old to get started. I just got an email from someone who is 70 years old and can’t wait to get started.

You don’t need to write even one word of copy for this strategy.

You don’t need any money for advertising. I’ll teach you three extremely powerful free traffic strategies.

Your prior experience or expertise is actually worthless when it comes to affiliate marketing.

There’s a simple formula you can follow that gives you instant authority in the eyes of your audience, regardless of your prior experience or expertise.

Point is… the AGZ Bootcamp IS for beginners. I actually prefer that you’re a beginner.

That way I don’t have to flush your brain of all the nonsense you’ve been fed up to this point.

And MAAAN is there a lot of nonsense floating around.

Truth is… you’re just one simple affiliate funnel away from quitting your job, retiring, and living financially free.

That’s not a guarantee. It’s the truth. Just one of these simple little affiliate funnels could easily generate $5k, $10k, even $20k or more in monthly commissions.

Again, I can’t guarantee that you’ll even make a single cent.

Most people won’t.

Most people won’t even make it through the entire bootcamp.

Most people won’t put in the necessary work upfront to achieve these results.

Take a minute and ask yourself… are you like most people?

The decision is yours.

Will you decide to stay on the path you’re on…

…the same path that’s led you to where you’re at today?


Will you decide to change? Only you can decide.

The urgency to make that decision is REAL.

When the countdown timer on that page reaches zero, your opportunity to possibly change your life forever is gone.

You have until September 30, 2019, at 10PM EST to decide.

Click Here to Register and Change Your Life Today

I’ll see you on the inside!

Dream big. Take action.
Duston McGroarty

P.S. If this email copy sounded familiar to you… it’s not deja vu. It’s very similar to an email I sent back in 2017.

Long before Russell Brunson ever started using the phrase, “one funnel away”, I was using it to teach affiliate marketing.

It’s been almost 2 years ago now since I sent that email using the same exact subject line I used for this one.

“You’re 1 simple affiliate funnel away from retiring”.

What does that mean?

Well, first, let me explain where I got the idea from.

One of the greatest copywriters to ever live, Gary Halbert, once wrote, “you’re only one sales letter away from becoming rich.”

Unfortunately, Gary is no longer with us but his words of wisdom will live forever.

I took his famous quote, change it around a bit, and applied it to affiliate marketing.

Everyone has their own version of “rich”. So, instead, I changed it to “retiring”.

“You’re 1 simple affiliate funnel away from retiring.”

The first time I used that phrase was way back in 2017, almost 2 years ago now.

It was true then and even truer now. You’ve been waiting long enough. The time to change your life is now:

Click Here to Register and Change Your Life Today

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