Will you hit the piñata ONE more time?

That’s one of the weirdest email subject lines I’ve ever used.

But MAAAN… this is the best analogy ever.

It’s so dang true.

Check out the GIF below…

Kinda funny, right?

The boy is beating a piñata to death.


He wants the candy inside.

How do you get the candy?

By clobbering the piñata enough times until it breaks open and candy spills out.

Cool. What does this have to do with making money online?

Well, my friend, and business partner shared an analogy with me this morning.

He heard it on Ed Mylett’s podcast episode yesterday.

Here’s Ed’s piñata analogy:

“Life is like a piñata. The ONE main difference between successful people and non-successful people is that mega-achievers stay in the game LONG enough to COLLECT LIFE’S CANDY!”

I just love that analogy so much. Because it’s so true.

So many people who aspire to do what I do, to earn a full-time income online…

Put the blindfold on…

Spin around a few times…

Take one swing at the piñata…

…they miss and give up.

Although, some people don’t give up after the first swing.

They swing and miss 2 or 3 times.

Then on the 4th swing…

They connect. THWAPPP!

They break through. Maybe even a few pieces of candy hit the ground.

The piñata is now swinging like a pendulum.

They wind up and take another swing. WIFFFF!

A big fat miss. Try try again. Another miss.

THEN they give up.

As if the piñata has magically disappeared, never to return.

They were so close. One more solid hit and that piñata would’ve exploded.

Splashing candy everywhere.

Just one more swing and they would’ve had the sugar-rush of a lifetime.

It’s a perfect analogy for making money online.

So many people give up right before the candy is about to pour out.

Here’s the thing though…

Not once, after having been blindfolded and spun around, have I EVER crushed a piñata wide open on the first swing.

Not once.

By that I mean, I’ve never had success online on my first try. Never.

It takes time. It’s a step-by-step process.

Just like it does with the piñata.

You take a swing. Analyze your results. Make an adjustment. Then try again.

Did I hit it? No. Okay, spin a little to the left and take another swing.

Did I hit it? No again. Okay, spin a little more to the left and take another swing.

Did I hit it? YES! Awesome. Did any candy come out? No. Okay, take another swing.

Did I hit it? No. Okay, give it a second to stop swaying and then take another swing.

Did I hit it? YES! Awesome, Did any candy come out? YES! A few pieces dropped. Awesome. Give it a second to stop swaying and this time really CRUSH the snot out of it.

THWAPPP!! “I did it!”, I yell while making “candy angels” on the floor.

The exact same process applies to making money online. Only difference is…

You’re able to cheat.

You can take the blindfold off and look that piñata square in the face.

Forget about using that wiffle ball bat.

For you, my friend, I have a shotgun.

Doesn’t matter how bad your aim is.

Armed with that shotgun… you just need to be close…

And you’ll have a lifetime supply of candy. All you could ever want.

Now comes the important question…

Will you collect life’s candy?

The hard part is over.

I’ve already clobbered the snout out of that piñata for you.

All you have to do is collect the candy.

It’s ready and waiting for you here:

Here’s to you collecting all you’ll ever need.

Dream big. Take action.
Duston McGroarty

P.S. Only 5 days left.

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