This “Backwards” Approach to Affiliate Marketing REALLY Works

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This is by no means “new” and it’s far from an “earth-shattering breakthrough.”

I learned many years ago from Dan Kennedy that it’s much easier to swipe and deploy ideas that have already been proven to be successful rather than spend years trying to think of your own.

As you read this, you’re going to discover many examples where this method has already been proven to be successful in many different markets and niches.

Stop trying to reinvent the wheel and start following the blueprint of already successful people.

Buckle in and get ready. It’s gonna be a heckuva ride!

The Strategy Explained

If you’ve known me for long, you know I skip all the BS and hoopla. I’m not one to ramble on for thirty pages about WHY the other strategies don’t work anymore.

Truth is, the other strategies still do work. I just find this strategy works better. It’s also easier to implement for someone brand new to internet marketing who might not have a large budget to dedicate to advertising.

The strategy itself is simple and it goes something like this:

Paid Traffic => $7 Offer => Buyers List => Promote Affiliate Products

Looks a little bit like an Internet Marketing funnel, right? You know, the one’s selling the $7 Warrior Forum products? Yep. I’m just now noticing that as I typed it out.

Thing is, outside of the Internet Marketing niche this strategy isn’t used nearly as often. The IM niche is always WAAAY ahead of the curve.

Having to come up with “new ideas” to stand out from the crowd and make more money.

My advice is to steer clear of the IM niche. Just my advice. You might think I’m being hypocritical seeing as how you’re reading a post on my IM blog. Understandable.

I just feel it’s easier to enter niches outside of IM using this strategy as they’re far less crowded and you don’t have to work as hard to get your message read.

I’m going to explain each of the steps of this strategy in detail, plus a mandatory “Step 0”. I’ll tell you why it’s mandatory in a second.

First, lets talk about the typical affiliate marketing strategy. There are really only two options: direct link to an affiliate offer or drive traffic to a squeeze page for a freebie, then promote related products.

Here’s the problem with both of these strategies:

If you’re running paid ads (and if you want to make a decent living as an affiliate, you should be running paid ads) you’re paying for a lot of wasted traffic.

As you’ll soon see in the next section of this report, driving paid traffic straight to a squeeze page is like paying double (or more) for each click you get.


Because no squeeze page in the history of the internet has ever gotten a 100% conversion rate. So every click that landed on your squeeze page and didn’t opt-in, is wasted.

Sure you could retarget them but then you’re spending even more money on that initial click for someone who might not ever be willing to hand you money.

And… the whole point is to find prospects who would purchase affiliate products you promote.

This is why the strategy I’m sharing with you here is so powerful. It eliminates the guessing about whether or not they’re willing to pay money for a solution.

In short, you’re attracting buyers ONLY. You’re building a list of buyers… not subscribers.

Are you leaving some money on the table by turning away everyone who isn’t ready to buy RIGHT NOW? Yes, you are. But you don’t care about them right now.

You care about money. Plain and simple. You’re in this to make money… not to wait weeks or even months for someone to buy an affiliate product you’re promoting in email #26 in your autoresponder series.

Okay, so you’re probably wondering… if this strategy is so much better… why aren’t more marketers using it?

Short Answer: They’re lazy.

Longer Answer: It requires more work than just setting up a squeeze page and creating a Clickbank affiliate link. You’re actually selling your own front-end product with this strategy.

Here’s a list of the tools you’ll need before you spend even one cent on traffic:

  • Domain Name
  • Hosting
  • Shopping Cart
  • Email Service Provider
  • Tracking Software

And that’s it for the most part. It’s minimal really when you take a step back and look at the list. You can get all of that for less than $100/mo (less than $50/mo if you really tried).

My point is, most affiliates try to spend as little as possible. That’s just a horrible way to run a business. Could you imagine if Apple tried to spend as little as possible to run their business and how horrible their products would turn out?

Treat your business like a business and it will produce the results you expect from it.

Even if I had an endless amount of money to invest in this business, my list of tools would still look like this:

  • Domain Name – $8.88/yr from NameCheap
  • Hosting and Shopping Cart – $97.00/mo from ClickFunnels
  • Email Service Provider – $19/mo from Aweber
  • Tracking Software – $17/mo from ClickMagick

I’m still under $150/mo for all the tools I would ever need. Sure there are other things I might add down the road but those are the essentials.

Truth is, most affiliates already have all of these tools anyways. Because they’re building squeeze pages left and right for different offers, they might already have ClickFunnels.

And they need some way to add their subscribers to a mailing list so they might already have Aweber (or something similar).

I guess what I’m saying is, these tools are already common amongst marketers so it’s likely you have one, or all, of them already.

If not, no big deal. It’s not like it’s thousands of dollars to invest in them. Most offer a free trial too so you can get started for almost nothing.

Hopefully that all makes sense. If not, it’ll probably come together for you as we move along.

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  1. Aaron says

    Thank you Duston for this excellent post… all of them are! Your content is quite addictive. I actually found your site randomly on Google and was planning to close the window but you write with such care and attention to detail that you have me hooked. You have a follower and most likely a customer for life.

    1. Duston McGroarty says

      Thanks man, I appreciate it!

  2. Mayank says

    Excellent post Duston. I can’t believe I’ve been missing this by not coming here regularly.

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