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This 169-Word Webpage Makes Millions Online

169 words.

That’s all it takes to make millions of dollars online as an affiliate.

Well, sorta.

That’s all the writing it takes and you only need a 1-page website.

Other than that, it’s just about putting your ad in front of the right person. But I have a simple solution for that too.

It’s dummy-proof.

But before I explain all of that, let me start from the beginning and tell you what this is.

The 1-page website I’m referring to is a type of landing page called an Advertorial.

Advertorials have gotten a bad rap over the years because of “black-hat” marketers using them the wrong way by adding fake claims, fake comments, fake testimonials, and fake associations to news and media outlets.

Marketers ruin it for everyone. LOL!

However, at the same time, smart marketers are using them the way they’ve been used in the offline world for decades.

An advertorial is meant to be an ad disguised as content… yes, it’s a form of native advertising in the offline world.

In the online world, it’s a bit different. They’re mostly used as landing pages. Pages, where you drive cold, paid traffic to warm the reader up before the sale.

Sometimes they’re also referred to as presell pages.

There’s a small group of smart affiliates that have been using advertorials for years… and making millions.

You used to be able to drive AdWords and Facebook traffic to advertorials without a problem. Not anymore. They just don’t like them. They don’t really like marketers period. Too risky for them.

But in the last few years, a new breed of advertising network has popped up, allowing you to drive your traffic to just about any page with very few restrictions.

Those ad networks? Native advertising networks like Taboola, Outbrain, etc. But there’s one network in particular that allows you to run just about anything as long as you abide by their “7 rules”, which are as follows:

  1. Improper Use of Trademarks
  2. False Comments from Site Visitors (fake comments and
  3. Fake News Sites
  4. Misleading Links (links going to different pages than expected)
  5. Non-Compliance with Advertorial Policies
  6. Use of the Word “Consumer”
  7. Privacy Policy Issues

That’s it.

As long as you follow those 7 rules, you’re golden.

I have two examples for you today of multi-million dollar businesses using advertorials on a native ad network called RevContent.

One of these businesses is one of the top products on Clickbank. The other is a marketer I know by the name of Steve Gray. Steve has had many successful info-businesses online over the years in a number of different markets.

Now, in both of these examples, I’m showing you the product owner’s advertorial but you could just as easily do the same thing as an affiliate and there are a small group of super-affiliates doing it very successfully today.

Advertorial Example #1: Simple Blood Sugar Fix

The first example is Steve’s and it’s for his digital product called Smart Blood Sugar Program. It’s for the massive diabetes market.

Here’s Steve’s ad that ran on the RevContent network:

Advertorial Example Blood Sugar

According to research, this is his number one best-performing ad on RevContent out of 356 total ads they ran over the past year.

They spent $2,444,800.00 on RevContent ads over the last 365 days. Needless to say, it’s working or they wouldn’t keep spending money on it.

That ad sends traffic to one of two pages… either directly to their video sales letter or, you guessed it… an advertorial.

A 169-word advertorial actually.

Here’s the entire advertorial landing page:

This is the number one page the ad above sends traffic to. The number two page is the video sales letter.

That tells me the advertorial landing page produces a higher ROI. And trust me, someone who’s spending close to $2.5 Million dollars per year (on one network) on paid traffic, is tracking every single metric imaginable. They probably have a full-time person dedicated to tracking traffic.

Here’s a look at the VSL page:

If you try to exit that page, a pop-up appears and asks if you want to read the transcript (a long-form written sales letter).

Advertorial Example #2: The Fat Diminisher

My second example is from one of the top Clickbank products that are currently on the market… The Fat Diminisher.

This is actually a product that I’ve personally made money with as an affiliate and can tell you first hand… the dang thing converts cold traffic like crazy.

I’m talking ICE COLD traffic.

Traffic from PPC networks, banners, and every other network you can think of… so long as you’re targeting the right person.

Here is their number one ad on RevContent:

Advertorial Example #2 - The Fat Diminisher

I can tell you right now… the product owner (Wes Virgin) is not running traffic on native ad networks.

These are all affiliates promoting this traffic on RevContent and every single one of them are sending the traffic straight to the sales page.

Yep, no advertorials here… not even a 1-page website is required for this. I told you, this offer converts ice cold traffic like crazy.

It all comes down to WHO you’re targeting. This is super easy to figure out too. Watch their sales video and pay close attention to the examples they use of people who have had success with their system.

Those aren’t just thrown in there by accident. They used them because they are the closest representation to their ideal demographic.

So, armed with this information, you could easily hop on over to Clickbank find a high-gravity diabetes offer, create a similar advertorial to Steve’s above, and set up a quick campaign in RevContent.

The same can be done for The Fat Diminisher product. There are a few affiliates using advertorials to promote this product too but the number one ad is sending traffic straight to the video sales letter.

Here’s an example of an advertorial that’s promoting The Fat Diminisher:

Wes actually has a number of articles that he gives his affiliates in his Affiliate Tools page that closely resemble this advertorial.

Advertorial Example #3: Outback Vision Protocol

Here’s a bonus example.

This product is offered on the BuyGoods platform for affiliates to promote.

Honestly, though, this strategy would work with any affiliate product that pays out an average of $40 per sale.

Here’s a screenshot of the stats for this campaign from inside of AdBeat:

AdBeat Affiliate Campaign Spying

From that screenshot above you can see this campaign has been running on RevContent for more than 3 months now.

One thing to note is the image. On native ad networks, your images are everything.

They HAVE to stop people in their tracks. They must be attention-grabbing.

Here’s the landing page for this ad:

Outback Vision Protocol Advertorial Example

And then from there you go straight to the sales page for the product:

These are simple campaigns that ANY affiliate could set up and run. Just be prepared to spend at least $100 per day on traffic. That’s Revcontent’s minimum budget for “direct response” campaigns.

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