Sell Them What They Want

This is probably one of the biggest lessons I have ever learned from Dan Kennedy.

Sell them what they want… give them what they need.

This applies more to information marketing but is worthy of study for any business.

Psychology in Marketing

This is psychology 101… people would much rather buy stuff they want than buy stuff they need. It’s just how we, as humans, are built. Makes sense, right? Wouldn’t you rather buy that brand new truck you’ve had your eyes on for years instead of replacing those faulty windows in your house? Yeah, thought so.

So, let me put this into perspective for you by giving you an example of how to do this with your information product.

Lets say you have an info product that teaches small business owners how to get a steady flow of leads coming through the door. You just put the finishing touches on the product and it’s all ready to ship. Now it’s time to write the sales letter.

Your goal as the copywriter (the one writing the sales letter) is to get the highest conversion to sale as possible. So, what are you going to “sell” them in this letter? You’re going to sell them what they want, not what they need. Your product gives them what they need.

What Are Their Desires?

To be able to successfully sell them what they want, you first need to know what they want. Small businesses owners probably want a steady flow of leads but what they don’t want is… more work, more expense and more stress. They will probably need to do all of those things but that’s not what you sell them in your sales letter.

You sell them on the idea of having an automated steady flow of new customers coming through the doors on a daily basis. When they buy, they’ll discover that it takes work upfront to get to that point but it doesn’t matter. Then, it’s their problem if they don’t want to do the work. It’s your job to sell the benefits of your product… NOT the reality.

Don’t think this doesn’t apply to you. There’s a 99% chance you can take this and use it in whatever it is you do.

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