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Much to the Dismay of the “Gurus”… All You Really Need to Get to 6-Figures a Year is a 1-Page Website

Crazy, I know.

But truer than true can be. Is “truer” even a word?? Must be, WordPress isn’t putting one of those red squiggly lines under it. Hmm.

One page is all you need. But it’s not the page you were thinking of (sales page).

The only web page you really need is a squeeze page. Here’s why…

Gotta Build That List, Gotta Build That Relationship

You’re probably wondering, what about a thank you page, a sales page,  and an upsell page?

Well, it’s nice to have those things but they’re not at all necessary. Lets cross them off one by one:

  1. Thank You Page: with a service like Aweber, they provide what they call a “basic” thank you page that tells the user they’ve successfully been added to the list and they will receive an email shortly containing the information they requested.
  2. Sales Page:  Once you have folks on your email list and you’ve successfully built up a strong relationship with them, all you have to do is send them an email promoting a product and they’ll buy it. Just a month or so ago I sold my own $97 product with no sales page, no thank you page and no upsells. I logged into Aweber and wrote a long email explaining the product and everything that came with it. It sold like crazy. If you DO want to create a sales page, I have a free 8-step guide on How to Systematically Write Cash-Generating Sales Pages… Even If You’ve Never Written One Word of Sales Copy Before.
  3. Upsell Pages: With a lot of shopping cart software, the upsell pages are hosted on their servers. All you have to do is create a small upsell page right inside the shopping cart interface. Videos work really well and require little to no coding knowledge. Just upload them to Youtube. With a quick Google search you can figure out how to make your Youtube video play automatically and you can hide the title bar and control bar.

If you need a squeeze page to use, I’m giving this one away for free…

rsp1Okay, to wrap up this little mini-course, the next page reveals my complete No Cost Info-Business Traffic System. It’s the same traffic system we use in the gardening niche to get close to 2,000,000 visitors a year to our website.

All for FREE. No cost. Not a dime. (That’s what free means.) I reveal it ALL on the next page.

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