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The REAL Secret To Creating A Six Figure Info-Business Online Is…

Wait for it… wait for it…


If you guessed it, congrats! Not many people do.

Math is truly the secret to success in this business. I’ll explain why the quickest way I know how. This will be your first “Ah-HA!” moment.

If you’re goal is to make $100,000 per year, here’s how you do it…

Sell 3 Products Per Day at $92/ea.

That’s it. 3 x $92 = $276. $276 x 365 (days in a year) = $100,740. If your product costs $46, you need to sell twice as many. It’s just a numbers game.

There ya go. Not too hard, right?

But math comes into play when you’re paying for traffic too (which you will WANT to do).

Math is EVERYTHING when you’re buying traffic. I learned this a long time ago from Dan Kennedy, he said You can’t fix bad math. Not even with good marketing.

What he meant was…

It doesn’t matter if you have:

  1. Excellent sales copy
  2. An outstanding offer
  3. A really cool product

Because… if the math doesn’t work…

You’re Dead In The Water

Meaning, if your cost to acquire a customer is higher than the profit you stand to make… you might as well shut ‘er down, board up the windows, and call it quits.

But don’t worry. If you follow the advice that I’m so honored to be sharing with you over the course of the next few pages you’ll be sure to come out ahead in the end.

Enough foreplay, lets dive into the good stuff!

Just so you know what lies ahead, here’s what you’ll learn on the next few pages:

  1. The quickest and easiest way to find, and validate, tons of EXTREMELY PROFITABLE niches in as little as 15 minutes
  2. How to create your very first product in as little as 10 minutes! (no one does this)
  3. Why you only need a 1-page website to run a 6-figure per year info-business online (that’s no BS!)
  4. My No Cost, Info-Business Traffic System that never lets me down—most info marketers overlook this and very few use it correctly
  5. How we’ve doubled our business this year by making one incredibly simple change to our funnel – I can’t reveal #5 publicly. (See page 7 for details.)

Alright, first up…

My super-fast trick you can use to find and validate tons of extremely profitable niches in no time flat… allowing you to quickly weed out any highly competitive, over-priced, or non-converting niches.

Learn how on the next page.

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