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Free Mini-Course Reveals The Fastest Way ANYONE Can Start From Nothing and Build A Six Figure Per Year Info-Business Online… Ours Has Made $625,916.10 in the Last Year!

"Yours Truly"
“Yours Truly”

Dear Friend,

If you’d like to setup a six figure per year info-business online, regardless of your prior experience… this WILL BE the most life-changing information you’ll ever read.

And yes, you read that right…

I’m Doing This All For FREE!

Right here, right now… on this page (and the following 6 pages), is my blueprint for “info-business success”.

All out in the open for you to see. No opt-in required.

I don’t want you on one of my email lists until I know without a doubt that you’re serious about changing your life.

(I’ll tell you WHY I’m doing this all for free in a minute.)

But before we dive in, I want to tell you about Finnegan and Fergus.

Finnegan (bottom) & Fergus (top)
Finnegan (bottom) & Fergus (top)

These two guys are what you might call “mascots”, for our online info-business in the gardening niche. Our subscribers and customers love to hear about them and their antics.

But that’s NOT the reason we have them.

My Dad has always wanted miniature donkeys but has never really had the time to care for them… until now.

You see, in the last 12 months we’ve restructured our business, allowing my Dad to have more free time than he’s ever had before. Time to care for two miniature donkeys.

He puts in no more than two hours of work a week on our business (paying bills and cutting checks) and spends the rest of his time digging in the dirt at the nursery (where he grows and sells plants).

Read that part again… TWO HOURS A WEEK. And, the best part is…

Last Year This One Tiny Little Info-Business Did $625,916.10… While We Worked No More Than Two Hours Per Week

So, what about me? What do I do, you ask?

Good question. For this business, I write and send out two emails per week to subscribers of our gardening newsletter. That’s it. Nothing else. This NEVER takes me more than two hours per week. After that…

I’m all over the place. Always looking for new opportunities, new niches, ways we can improve our current businesses.

It’s what I LOVE to do.

With that, comes years and years of experience running online businesses. This year we celebrated 15 years online in the gardening niche. Pretty cool, right?

And, I want to share this experience with you. Give you a “shortcut”, if you will. See… it’s much easier than you think.

It doesn’t require thousands of dollars worth of fancy software or a computer science degree. It’s WAY easier than that.

The REAL Secret To Creating A Six Figure Info-Business Online Will Surprise The CRAP  Out Of You

I’ll reveal the secret on the next page. I bet if I gave you three guesses you wouldn’t get it. Heck, I could give you 100 guesses and you STILL wouldn’t get it. (Remember, “much easier than you think”.)

Your FREE mini-course begins… NOW!

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