My “Non-Writing” Cure for Content Constipation

A few days ago, in one of my newsletters, I shared my hatred for writing content in niches where I have no real interest.

Today, I want to share the strategy I came up with to overcome that struggle of creating content… where I don’t have to write a single word.

Most of the winning strategies I come up with are created out of pure laziness.

I’m not ashamed to say that and you shouldn’t be ashamed to say that either. Here’s why…

The other day I watched a video Gary Vee shared on Instagram.

I’m not a Gary Vee fanboy, I can only take him in small doses… like the videos he shares on IG.

Anyhoo… this video was about procrastination and laziness.

It was very smart, how he described these two things when it comes to business.

Without quoting him exactly, he basically said…

Don’t feel bad about procrastinating or being “lazy”.

Instead, look at it as a sign that the things you keep putting off, are things you really shouldn’t be doing anyways.

If you keep putting something off, it’s likely something that doesn’t light a fire in you. You’re not excited or passionate about it.

He’s absolutely right.

And writing content in niches where I have no real interest definitely doesn’t get me excited.

I tend to suffer from something I call… Content Constipation (classy, I know, lol!)… here’s how I define it…

Content Constipation is the paralyzing feeling experienced by people who think they need to create a whole bunch of unique articles or blog posts in order to make money online.

I used to experience it all the time, where I would get stuck trying to figure out what to write about or what type of content I should create.

It’s an awful feeling many marketers experience.

Usually, the solution ends up being a $5 piece of outsourced junk that never produces any results anyways…

The outsourced content is so bland and generic that it never gets any traction and therefore, never generates any traffic at all.

After doing this for more than 10 years now, I’ve been able to see what works and what doesn’t when it comes to creating content…

And that brings me to some REALLY important news that I have for you as we head into 2020…

The Internet Is No Longer Fueled By Unique Content

I know, that’s a huge contradiction to what you’ve probably heard your entire digital life, so let me explain…

It’s fueled by convenience, engagement, and discovery…

All of which have nothing to do with creating unique content, OR… really ANY content at all.

Instead, it’s about knowing what people are interested in and making that easy and accessible for them to find.

There’s a free online tool you can use that makes this really easy… it’s called Ubersuggest.

Most people use it for keyword research but I use one very specific feature of it called Content Ideas…

Which allows you to see what content is popular, but more than that…

If you know where to look, it allows you to see WHY it’s popular, it allows you to identify what made that content so popular.

That’s the first step I use to overcome content constipation…

I cover the remaining steps inside my Affiliate Ground Zero 30-Day Bootcamp. The next bootcamp begins in 4 days.

If you’re interested in generating THOUSANDS of free targeted visitors to your websites every month, you’re gonna want to pay close attention the traffic portion of this bootcamp.

Once the bootcamp starts, the doors are closed until next month. Get in now while you can.

Dream big. Take action.
Duston McGroarty

P.S. Continuing with the content conversation, tomorrow I’m gonna share something I call… Content Narrowcasting… and how you can use it to go from Zero to 100,000 unique visitors per month in as little as 30 days.

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