How Splinters, Donkey Wrestling & Homemade Booklets Could Mean Millions for You

How Splinters, Donkey Wrestling & Homemade Booklets Could Mean MILLIONS  for You

Dear Friend,

I’ll explain my random, and rather strange, headline in a sec but first I want to share something…

Last year (2014) one of our little info businesses, in the gardening niche, did $587,644.77 worth of sales.

Here’s a screenshot from our 1ShoppingCart account (as a bit of proof)

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 10.11.25 AM

And, this year, we will DOUBLE that number. But before I tell you HOW, I gotta fill you in on what’s been going on with me over the past year.

It’s been FRICKIN’ crazy around here (to say the least).

We’re kickin’ our business up a notch and due to the success
we’re seeing, we had to move to a bigger office that holds more people.

At the same time, my Dad is expanding the amount of space he has for his two miniature donkeys. They’re getting bigger and need some room to run (…or whatever it is donkeys do).

During this “Great Donkey Ranch Expansion Project”, Finnegan (the lighter colored, alpha donkey pictured above), decided to make a break for it.

I don’t know if you’ve ever tried it before but herding donkeys is not really possible. They’re too smart for that.

The only option you really have is to trap him into a corner and wrestle ‘em to the ground.

I assure you, there were no donkeys harmed in the making of this expansion project. More harm was done to the humans, trust me.

Never a dull moment around here.

On top of all that… we decided to build an addition onto one of the rooms in our new office while it was empty… cuz we have so much extra time on our hands (sarcasm implied).

Instead of hiring someone to do it for us, we thought… we can get this done a lot faster than any contractor, right?


My fingers are loaded with splinters. I’ve gone to the chiropractor three times in the last week. I think I STILL have drywall dust under my eyelids. And, I damn-near electrocuted myself trying to move a light fixture.

Good times, I know. But enough about that. Back to our info business. I want to tell you exactly…

How We Will DOUBLE  Our Business This Year

Like I said, in the midst of all our recent shenanigans, we’re STILL on pace to double our business this year…

…while working less than we ever have.

That last part sounds kinda “scammy” but I can assure you it’s 100% true.

LOL! Re-read the first part of this letter again. We’ve spent so much time screwing around doing things that an $8.00/hr. employee could be doing.

We enjoy gettin’ our hands dirty though. It’s a nice break from the normal “desk work” stuff.

But there aren’t many people who have the same luxuries or freedom in their life.

We’ve built a business that runs itself. We don’t HAVE to get up and go to work each day to make money. The business makes money on autopilot.

And, it continues to grow each and every year.

But there’s something we’ve done this year different from years passed. Something that will result in a 200% (or more) increase in revenue this year alone. What is it?

Homemade Booklets

Say WHAT?! Yeah, we’re selling homemade booklets, kinda. We’re actually GIVING them away (free plus shipping).

I know what you’re thinking, “so I need to be giving away homemade booklets? This dude has lost his FRIGGIN’ mind!”

Well, the secret to doubling our business isn’t really the booklets themselves. The secret is a highly desirable, low-priced front-end offer.

Here’s why this works so well…

In an info business, you make most of your money further down in your funnel.

So, in order to double to your existing business, you need to double the amount of qualified leads you’re putting into your funnel on the front-end. Period.

That’s the quickest, EASIEST
way to double your business.

By doubling the number of leads you pour into your funnel.

For years and years our fron-tend product was a $47-$297 info product. On average, we sold 40-50 of these a week.

That meant only 40-50 people a week entered our funnel where they had a chance to give us more money.

That’s where our model was flawed. It had nothing to do with our product, our sales pitch or our offer.

It was the price point. A higher priced product puts less people in the funnel. Low-priced products put more qualified and targeted BUYERS into your funnel.

(Pay close attention to that last part… BUYERS. That’s important.)

That was another flaw we had in our business model for years and years. We tried everything we could to get people to sign-up for our free email newsletter where we could pitch them our $47-$297 front-end offer.

We focused WAY TOO MUCH time and effort on attracting free newsletter subscribers instead of attracting buyers.

By changing our front-end offer to a low-priced homemade booklet, we have quadrupled the number of buyers we put into our funnel on a weekly basis.

The topic of the booklet qualifies these buyers as perfect prospects for the rest of the products in our funnel.

In the end, our offers are being exposed to 4x as many qualified buyers than before. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

We are continually adding new low-priced front-end offers to our funnel, and attaching them to the top of our funnel.

So, no matter which front-end product they buy, they will be offered every other product in our funnel. Giving us the opportunity to make 10x more money than before.

THAT’S how we will double our business this year!

What you just learned is LITERALLY  worth millions of dollars


50 million dollar per year publishing companies were built using that exact same model. It’s nothing new.

In fact, so much can be learned by studying what has worked in the past. (more on that later)

But the truth is, there are so many moving parts to a successful info business. Some are more complicated than others.

The biggest problem I see info marketers face is deciding which moving parts are necessary for their business to be successful.

So much time is spent working on things that aren’t necessary and will NEVER bring in any money.

This is when doubt creeps in. Results can be slim, if any, and that’s when you want to quit. You don’t want to waste time working on something that will never make any money.

But I fixed that problem for you.

I’ve spent the past few months completely dissecting our entire info business. Every single moving part, inside and out.


I weeded through it all, pulled out everything that worked, and documented it from start to finish.

It’s literally a COMPLETE course on how to build your very own info business online. Start to finish. Nothing is left out.

I call it… THE INFO-MARKETER ACADEMY. It’s a private and exclusive membership site dedicated solely to help beginning info-marketers learn, aspire, and achieve their dreams with ease.

Here’s a glimpse of what the brand-new member’s area looks like…

Academy Home 2015-02-01 11-38-03

But hear this…


If you were hoping to buy a $7 report and turn it into a six-figure business… you’re riding the crazy train.

Your thinking is severely flawed if you think someone would give away their six-figure business secrets for $7.

What I have here is life-changing.

It’s without a doubt changed MY life.

It’s definitely changed my dad’s life…

…and it’s given us something that’s so hard to find these days…


Just take a look at what you’ll learn…

Module 1 – Niche Research

  • EVERGREEN NICHES: Discover the cold hard truth about evergreen niches. What you thought to be true is actually completely WRONG! (this will be a big eye-opener and will slap you right across the face when you read it!)
  • Discover my brain-dead simple Niche Validation Tests. These two tests are all you need to validate your potential niche. Weeks, if not months, of wasted time can be saved by simply running these tests upfront. Don’t waste your time in niches that don’t lend themselves to info products.
  • Learn the number one thing your info-product has to have to make people want to buy so you can avoid wasting hours and hours of time creating a product no one wants
  • Discover my super-simple competition analysis and why it’s vital to the success of your info-business so you can be sure you’re not wasting your time on unprofitable niches

Module 2 – Lead Magnets

  • Discover why using the right type of lead magnet will double, or even triple, your conversion rate and increase your average dollar per sale by 6,806%!!
  • You’ll learn the secret to doubling your business this year using low-priced frontend offers. You’ll learn how to structure these offers for maximum profit. You’ll also see examples of some of the best low-priced front-end offers on the market.
  • Discover my simple landing page formula. There are 5 components to every successful landing page. You’ll learn all 5 components and you’ll see some of the best landing page examples from around the web (including our winning landing page that consistently gets a 50%+ conversion rate).

Module 3 – Funnel Construction

  • Learn the #1 way we build trust with our subscribers and it happens on complete autopilot. (this is super easy to do and accounts for 99% of the success we have in our info business)
  • People online are searching for two things… if you’re not giving them one of these two things, you’re dead in the water. (See page 46.)
  • Discover how we safely extract money from our subscriber list WITHOUT losing their trust, WITHOUT devaluing our product and WITHOUT being “salesy”.
  • Find out how we made a little more than $8,000 promoting a $27 affiliate product with a 50% commission to a small segment of our email list.
  • ANALYTICS MADE EASY! Tracking leads to a sale seems to be one of the hardest things for new info marketers to get setup. You’ll learn how we do it at absolutely no cost, using nothing but free online tools.
  • Discover how we structure our sales funnel to automatically segment new leads based on their current interests, allowing us to only show them offers they’re interested in (this happens on autopilot using inexpensive online software).
  • You’ll learn why spending the MOST on advertising will actually make you MORE money… and, how you can completely destroy your competition with this method.
  • IMPORTANT: The reason my dad and I have so much freedom in our lives is because of the type of business we’ve built. It’s truly a lifestyle business. But… the REASON it works so well is because of AUTOMATION. You’ll learn how we’ve automated 99% of our info business. (Starting on Page 63.)
  • Every year, 30-40% of our revenue comes from recurring payments. Discover what we’re charging for and how you can easily do the same thing in your market.
  • And MUCH, MUCH, more!

Module 4 – Facebook Traffic Generation

  • A step-by-step guide on setting up your Facebook business page for optimal success, including an underused strategy to gain instant SEO exposure for your business
  • Discover why getting “Likes” for you business page doesn’t really matter and why you should be focused on… SPENDING MONEY – this might go against everything you’ve ever learned about Facebook but it’s what separates the successful businesses from the failures
  • Discover a secret Facebook tool that 99% of the population has never seen or heard of that will allow you to extract thousands and thousands of dollars directly from Facebook – the best part is… this tool is completely FREE!
  • You’ll learn how you can afford to spend more money per lead than any other advertiser on Facebook, so you can totally dominate your market and snatch up more leads than anyone else – your competitors will think you’re CRAZY but they’ll never see behind the curtain of your info-marketing machine!
  • This module is literally worth millions to you. Once you master this media (which is not hard to do), you can enter ANY niche and dominate it within a few months. The possibilities are endless!

You may be wondering why I’m willing to sell this information if it’s worth so much to us. That’s a valid question.

This isn’t something I plan on selling long-term. I’m offering it to you RIGHT NOW but I can’t promise that it will be available for long.

The majority of my time is spent doing things that will bring me the highest return (i.e. outside of the marketing niche).

That being said, I wanted to make this available to those in need. It’s some of my best work and it would be a shame if it just sat on my computer, unused.

But here’s the thing…

It’s not for everyone.

In fact, it’s only for a small percentage of marketers out there. Those who are willing to put forth the effort to succeed.

This isn’t some push-button, get-rich-quick crap.

This stuff is hard work. It’s frustrating, painful and sometimes disappointing.

It takes guts.

It takes determination.

It takes MASSIVE kahunas.

But the reward is worth the risk. Trust me. It’s heavenly.

Even with all of that said, I’ll still get a few people who will go through the whole thing, try it for 10 minutes and ask for a refund because “it didn’t work”.

Whatever. I can’t help those kind of people. This is business folks, not a slot machine. You can’t just put money in and expect more to come flying out.

This is a blueprint to a REAL business. This isn’t “make-believe-riches”.

I’m talking about REAL products, REAL customers, REAL employees, a REAL office… the whole shebang. Although, an office and employees aren’t required. We went 13 years before getting a “real” office and hiring a “non-virtual” employee.

What I’m saying is, you won’t find this information in a $7 report. It just doesn’t happen.

For example, take a franchise. If you were interested in becoming a franchisee and you wanted to know exactly how they operated, how they handled new customers, how they advertised, how they train their staff or how they upsell their backend products… you could expect to pay anywhere from $20,000 all the way up to $100,000.

They’re called franchise fees. They include everything I covered above plus you get the right to “own a franchise”.

You’re really paying for the proven systems and operations that it takes to run a successful business. That’s REALLY what you’re paying for.

But don’t worry, I’m not going to charge anything close to that. I just wanted you to see what other people are paying for the same type of information.

I could easily get $997.00 for this material. Easily. But I want to put it into as many people’s hands as possible.

(Of course, only people who are DEDICATED and DRIVEN to succeed.)

For that reason, I’ve decided to make this very affordable. If you join today, you will get LIFETIME ACCESS to the Info-Marketer Academy for only $97.00.

$97.00?!! That’s a friggin’ steal! I’m a little embarrassed to price it that low because I don’t want to devalue it.

BUT… this offer will only be available for a VERY limited time. Seriously.

In fact, this $97.00 price will shortly double and the new cost for membership will be $197.00. I just can’t keep it at $97.00 for very long.

It really is PRICELESS information.

Think about it… at $97.00, how many sales of your info product would you have to make to pay for that? 3 sales at $32.50, 2 sales at $48.50 or 1 sale at $97.00.

That’s literally a STEAL. You’re stealing 16 years worth of experience and proven data from me.

But if you’re still not 100% sold, I want to sweeten the deal. When you order TODAY, I will throw in…

Absolutely FREE!

BONUS #1: The BIGGEST-FRICKIN’ Info-Marketer Swipe File On the Planet

This is not only the most AMAZING bonus I have ever given, it’s the most amazing bonus I have ever SEEN given, PERIOD. Ever. In all of my life. :-)

Seriously, it is. I live and die by my swipe file. Trying to reinvent the wheel just doesn’t make sense.

Legendary marketers and copywriters have done 99% of the work for you already. Don’t dismiss their research, their experience and their test results.

It just makes sense to model successful sales pieces when you’re creating your own offers. I do it all the time.

Those who came before us, put their blood, sweat and tears into everything they did. Take what they’ve given us and put it to good use.

Some of the best ads that have ever ran were old direct response newspaper and magazine ads.

Marketers and copywriters had to really make an irresistible offer to get people to physically mail in their response to take an action.

These guys were geniuses. I’ve scoured the internet over the years, compiling some of the greatest ads of all time into one massive swipe file.

Ads from some of the greatest copywriters of all time, including…

Gary Halbert, Ben Suarez, Claude Hopkins, Bruce Barton, Bud Weckesser, Dan Rosenthal, David Ogilvy, Eugene Schwartz, Gary Bencivenga, Joe Karbo, John Caples, Lillian Eichler, Lyman Wood, Malcom Decker, Mark Haroldsen, Max Sackheim, Mel Martin, Norman Cousins, Ron LeGrand, Ted Nicholas and Victor Schwab.

…tons of ads! ALL selling information-type products, mostly all low-priced front-end offers.

I’m not sure what else to say here… you’re literally getting access to decades of priceless marketing brilliance.

Here’s a small snapshot of what they look like…

They’re obviously much larger than that (and readable).

But that’s not all!

Over the past 5 years, I’ve compiled hundreds and hundreds of DAMN-GOOD banner ads, modal pop-ups, Facebook ads, squeeze page examples, and sales page examples.

These aren’t just your “run-of-the-mill” marketing pieces. These are some of the best ads, some of the best copy, and some of the most successful online campaigns that have ever run online. No bull.

Here’s just a small glimpse of a few of the PPC ads I’ve “swiped”…

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 11.47.05 AM

And here’s a brief glimpse of a few banners that I’ve “swiped”…

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 11.49.09 AM

I always have my eyes peeled for great direct-response style marketing examples. When I see them, I take a screenshot and file them in the appropriate category in my swipe file.

Lucky for you, my swipe file now lives online right inside the Info-Marketer Academy. And, you get free access to it when you join today!

(DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these ads, nor am I claiming rights to them. I merely found them online and archived them for my own use. I am NOT selling these ads or selling rights to them. These are all available online for free. I just did all the work in finding and archiving them for you.)

BONUS #2: In-Depth Info-Marketing Resource Guides (Total Value of $297.00)

Guide #1: Million-Dollar Membership Site Hacks (A $97.00 Value)
msh-coverThis guide is NOT for sale. It’s brand new, hot off the press. And, it contains the secret that turned our “joke of a membership site” into a MILLION DOLLAR behemoth.

In the last 364 days alone, this site has produced $222,863.00 worth of recurring revenue. In the last few years, it’s made us a cool $1,445,644.54, all on complete autopilot.

The secret that transformed our joke of site into a million dollar membership site is contained in this guide. It’s a secret I learned a number of years ago while studying an old infomercial.

The same secret is used by the biggest publishing companies in the world to sell their yearly newsletter subscriptions. These are MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR companies.

This guide alone is worth thousands and thousands of dollars to you. I could EASILY charge $97 for this guide and get it all day long. But when you order today, it’s yours free.

Guide #2: Evergreen SEO (A $97.00 Value)


This guide is also NOT for sale. It explains in great detail how we’ve dominated the search engines in our niche for the past 16 years.

It’s not some secret push-button crap. It’s real, tangible strategies that you can start implementing today in your info-business.

There’s a certain set of criteria Google, and the other search engines, look for in a good piece of content. This guide reveals that exact set of criteria.

In the last year alone, our sites generated 1,491,612 brand new visitors alone from organic search traffic. Needless to say, this stuff works.

Guide #3: 127 Evergreen Niches

Over the years I’ve compile this list of evergreen niches where the solution to people’s problems don’t ever change.

Our niche, for example, is an “Evergreen Niche”. Gardening doesn’t change. Plants don’t change. The beauty of “Evergreen Niches” is, you don’t have to update your products every year when the content changes.

You can create your product once, and sell it forever! This list will give you some great ideas for niches to enter and also niches to stay away from!

Guide #4: 50 Time Tested Ways to Guarantee 1st-Page Rankings (A $97.00 Value)

Our content consistently outranks some of the biggest companies in the world, including Amazon, Walmart, Tractor Supply Co., Do It Best, Ebay, Ace Hardware, Scotts, Home Depot, Wikipedia, Northern Tool & Equipment, Grainger, Sears and the list goes on.

These same ranking strategies have allowed me to build high authority niche websites that attract thousands upon thousands of FREE visitors every single day.

This is a 2-hour video presentation I recorded that includes 50 different ways to get a 1st-page ranking for your content. Again, this stuff doesn’t happen by chance or out of luck, it’s a proven step-by-step system that guarantees 1st-page rankings.

BONUS #3: My Highest Converting Squeeze Pages (a $97.00 value)

I can’t tell you how many HOURS I’ve wasted messing around with HTML and CSS trying to get my squeeze pages perfect. It sucks.

The learning curve is large for that kind of stuff which is why this bonus is so valuable. I don’t sell these templates anywhere. They’re not for sale. This is the only way to get your hands on them

Here’s a small preview of what they look like:

(click to enlarge)

BONUS #4: My “Smarty-Pants” Spreadsheet (priceless)

Words cannot describe how much this little spreadsheet is worth. It can literally mean life or death for your info-business.

By entering just a few numbers, you can tell right away whether a campaign will be profitable. You can also figure out where your price-point needs to be, how much money you’ll need to spend on advertising and how many sales you’ll need to make to meet your goal.

Here’s a preview of what the spreadsheet looks like:

(click to enlarge)

So… there it is, in all its glory.

Again, it’s  NOT for everyone. If the $97.00 price point is a problem, please don’t buy it (although, it’s you who needs it the most).

I just can’t bring myself to offer this for anything less than $97.00. Just can’t do it.

I’ve seen ABSOLUTE CRAP training sold for $2,000 or more. PURE GARBAGE. I just don’t understand how people can live with themselves after taking that much money from people knowing damn-well they’re selling useless information.

That’s just not how I’m put together.

I get more out of helping other people than I do making a buck.

I’d love nothing more than to see you take this and build a million-dollar info business for yourself.

Just to know I had a hand in that would be really cool!

$97.00 gets you everything I’ve mentioned above. If that sounds good, you can order by clicking the button below and you’ll get instant access to everything.

I look forward to helping you turn your dream into reality!

Dream big. Take action.

Duston McGroarty

P.S. In case you just scrolled to the bottom, here’s what I’m doing…

For $97.00 you’re getting instant access to the Info-Marketer Academy, which includes our exact blueprint to our info business that, in the last year, generated $587,644.77 in revenue.

PLUS, as a bonus, you’re getting access to my BIG-FRICKIN’ Info-Marketer Swipe File that includes hundreds and hundreds of highly successful direct response ads from some of the best copywriters and marketers to walk this planet. Including banner ads, modal pop-ups, Facebook Ads, PPC ads, Squeeze Pages, and Sales Pages.

PLUS, you’re also getting instant access to a number of Info-Marketer Resource Guides, including my brand new guide, “Million Dollar Membership Site Hacks” absolutely free. This guide is NOT for sale. You won’t find it anywhere online or offline. This guide reveals the secret that made us $1,435,644.54 from our little membership site. You’ll also receive instant access to three other guides, “Evergreen SEO”, “127 Evergreen Niches”, and “50 Ways to Guarantee 1st-Page Rankings”.

PLUS, you’re getting 4 of my highest-converting squeeze pages of all time. These cannot be bought anywhere else online. They’re not for sale.

PLUS, you’re getting my “smarty-pants” spreadsheet that allows you determine the profitability of a potential info-business by merely entering a few numbers. This, as well, is not offered for sale anywhere.

If you’re at all interested, I suggest you get moving before the price goes up to $197.00. Click here to order now: