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5 Reasons Why the Latest Penguin Update Promotes Content Marketing

The latest Penguin Update has the “black-hatters” scrambling again. And, it strongly promotes the opportunities available to those who focus their efforts on content marketing.

In not so many words Matt Cutts shared his (and Google’s) thoughts on the future of search results in his latest webmaster video. I highly suggest watching it below…

Here’s why Penguin 2.0 adds pure validation to the old and gray Content Marketing business model (in no specific order)…

#1: Another Penguin Update Equals More Opportunity

Every time Google changes their algorithm (like this recent Penguin Update), those who play by the rules win. The spammers are purged from the search results and those with valuable content, that’s focused on the user (instead of the search engines), gets pushed to the top.

Now’s the time to pull your finger outta your nose and get to work cranking out some extremely awesome content. The sooner you get started, the quicker you’ll see results. Just keep in mind what Google is all about… in fact, it’s number one on their list of ten… “Focus on the user and all else will follow.”

#2: Google is Searching for Authority Figures in EVERY Market

If you didn’t watch the video above, you should… it’s really informative. Starting at 4:41 in the video, Matt starts to discuss Google’s hunt for authority figures in different markets and how they will rank them more highly in the search results.

So… AUTHORITY. How the heck do you get it if you have none? Well, that’s really the wrong question to ask. The right question is… how does Google determine whether you’re an authority or not? ENTER… Content Marketing.

Write outstanding content that people want to share and want to read more of and the byproduct is authority. You can’t fake authority… anymore. Maybe a few years ago you could by buying a bunch of junk backlinks and pointing them to crappy content. That game is over. You need great content that breeds user engagement and you need a lot of it.

#3: Returning the Best Search Results Possible to the User

For the life of me I cannot remember where I hear/read this… leave a comment below if you know so I can give credit where it’s due. They said this… “Knowing Google’s overall mission, which do you think they would rank higher in the search results… a 300 word generic post that had 1,000 irrelevant backlinks or a 2,000 word extremely valuable post with 100 completely relevant backlinks?”

When you put it that way, it’s sorta obvious… right? High quality content outranks mediocre content in the eyes of Google any day. Content Marketing wins again!

Are you seeing a pattern here? Even though Google frequently changes their algorithm(s), their core beliefs never change. They want to be able to provide the most relevant search results based on your search as quickly as they can.

#4: The Penguin Update Mainly Targets Web Spam

Play the game by the rules and you will win. Google owns the property, so they make the rules. Don’t ever forget that. If you have a problem with that, try starting your own search engine (good luck!).

Let me tell you a quick story about my Dad, Mike McGroarty. He’s had an online business since 1999 and has successfully employed the content marketing strategy since day one. At the start, he didn’t really know what it was or what it would become but he never stopped producing quality content that his readers love.

He didn’t focus on the search engines at all. He’s never purchased a backlink in his life. Yet, most of his content has held first page rankings for years without fail. All he really cares about are his readers. Will they like this content? Will they share it with their friends? Will it solve their problems?

Here’s why I’m sharing this with you… until I started working with him, he had no idea Google even had an algorithm or that they change it on a regular basis. It didn’t matter to him. His business model has never been effected by any of the changes and probably never will be. That’s the beauty of a content marketing business.

#5: Video is Great but Content Still Reigns

Video has been the rage for a few years now. It was said to be “The Future of the Web”. That may, or may not, be true. Only time will tell. For now though, content is still number one. There isn’t anything more powerful than words on a page.

You’ll notice there hasn’t been much mentioned about video in any of the Penguin 2.0 Update announcements. Why? Only Google knows. But one could assume it’s because content is more important in their eyes. They know video is important (they freakin’ own Youtube). But content still drives the web.

Don’t miss this point. It’s fine and dandy to have a video blog but… don’t be surprised if an old dude in worn-out bib-overalls outranks you with a 14 year old piece of content (referring to my Dad in case you were lost there). There’s always going to be a certain percentage of the population who would much rather read a blog post instead of watch it in video format. I fall into that category.


Penguin 2.0 is here. If content marketing is your current online business model, I’m sure you haven’t been effected at all. If not… re-read the five point above and think about making a change.

In my Dad’s case, he’s had the luxury of writing it once and living off of it forever. When you play the “backlinking game”, it’s a never-ending battle. Always fighting to swim upstream. There’s a much easier way.

What about you? What game do you play? Leave a comment below and let me know…


  1. This video and your blog posts gives us a really good snapshot of what is to come … thank you!

    I’ve never feared a Google update. As a matter of fact, I always look forward to them because they continue to skim the scum away and allow the cream to float to the top! ;-)

    I have always worked hard to produce high quality content. I have never bought a backlink and can attest to the fact that you can rank in the top 3 on the first page of Google without them.

    Content is still king!

    • Duston McGroarty Reply

      Hey Iris, I agree and I’m glad to hear you’re doing well producing great content.

  2. Hey Duston your timing of this blog post is perfect. I have two new clients that have never been ranked in Google from any of their websites. What’s spot on is that they both have tons of authoritative content but have never put it out on a blog consistently which is going to make my job way easier especially with the authoritative content I just read in your post today.

    Your info is super valuable and I look forward to more great posts from you as I can honestly say that with all my past experience I have learned the most from you and I see you as a top expert.

    Keep that content coming!

    • Duston McGroarty Reply

      Thanks Mark! I appreciate hearing that. Consecutive authoritative posts are my focus for sure.

  3. Hi Duston, a great blog, thanks for the info.In your opinion how often should a blogger or a website owner add more info? when it become available as in your case, I realize it would depend on your market but maybe a ball park figure would be helpful. Another question is where to get that authoritative content, again i realize it depends on what you are marketing
    thank you

  4. Duston McGroarty Reply

    Hey David – it doesn’t really depend on the market. Look at it this way… the more content you put out, the higher probability someone will find you. I look at each piece of content I create as a 24-hour salesperson. Attracting targeted leads and converting those leads into customers.

    As far as where to get the authoritative content goes… you have a few options: write it yourself, find/pay guest bloggers to write it or outsource it.

    In another niche, I’m using to get blog posts created for less than $25 up to 1,500 words.

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