How To Sell Ebooks Online: A $111,860 Per Month Case Study

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I’ll preface this by saying…

I came up with these sales totals by making an educated guess.

I’ll explain how shortly. First, let me give you a little background info on whose business this is and what they do.

It’s extremely possible that you’ve heard of this person before or at least heard the mention of his site.

It tends to get thrown around the internet marketing circles quite a bit.

The gentleman’s name is Mike Geary. His website is

Now, before you immediately dismiss this opportunity by saying there’s no way you’ll ever “be like mike”…

…I urge you to read this whole post.

Because up until a few days ago… I felt the same way. When I first got started online back in 2010, I was introduced to Mike Geary by Ryan Deiss.

Mike was one of Ryan’s success stories (if I remember correctly) and he had Mike do a presentation at one of his events.

From that moment on, I put Mike up on a pedestal. I considered him to be BETTER than I would ever be…

…until a few days ago.

I decided to do what I always do to successful online businesses… study them from the inside out.

I tend to go through 5 or 6 entire businesses every month. From start to finish, I dissect the entire thing and document every part of it.

I whip out my wallet, go through the entire funnel, and purchase every product.

I archive all of the emails I receive. I go through each product and make a mental note of its quality.

I also screenshot every page of the funnel and organize them into folders.

I’ve found that spending my money on “funnel hacking”, as Russell Brunson likes to call it, is a much better investment than buying products the gurus are pitching.

I’ve really cut back on attending events lately too. I took a hard look at how much I spent on events and training and how much I actually learned.

My notes from each event have gotten shorter and shorter every year. Which tells me two things:

  1. I’ve mastered a lot of these marketing skills.
  2. I’m attending the wrong events.

Alright, back to Mike Geary’s website.

Mike is a fitness guy.

Sorry, I had to. Makes me laugh every time.

Mike got started with just one ebook called The Truth About Abs.

He sold it through Clickbank and quickly hit $1 Million a year selling it for $37.

He’s since added three new front-end products and completely nailed his funnel.

My bet is you’ll be surprised. I was.

Actually, I was kinda disappointed, to be honest with you. Until I realized his strategy. It’s brilliant.

I’m modeling it for a new niche I’m entering.

Lets dive in and take a look at what Mike’s got going on!

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  1. Domenic Haynes says

    This blog is golden man.Hella excited bout my first newsletter venture gotta say.-Glad you add traffic tips like native ads and Pinterest tricks as well to this website.Keep dropping gems Duston.

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