How To Make Money With Clickbank: A Quick & Easy Strategy For The Absolute Beginner

I started this blog to show the absolute beginner how to make money online using a plethora of different strategies.

Each week I try to write a new piece that teaches newbies how to do just that.

This may not be a very long post but it doesn’t need to be. It’s a very simple strategy that requires very little explanation.

I’ve never found another method that allowed me to make money faster than this one.

Before I explain what it is and how to do it… I want to talk briefly about how most people use Clickbank to make money and how it differs from the strategy I’m about to reveal to you today.

Most people (read: affiliates) go to Clickbank and look for “high gravity” offers. In case you’re unaware, Clickbank is a marketplace where affiliates go to find digital products to promote.

They’ve invented the term “gravity” which basically tells you how many affiliates have recently made money promoting that product.

It makes sense to try to find products with a higher gravity because you want to choose something that’s already a proven winner.

Makes sense, right? Sure it does.

If I was looking for a weight loss product to promote, I would most likely choose one that ranks within the top ten highest gravity.

That’s how most people approach the Clickbank Marketplace. They choose a category, sort the results by highest gravity, and pick one of the top offers.

When you already have an email list of subscribers who are interested in a specific topic, that’s a great method.

It’s also a fairly good method if you’re paying for traffic. Unless you’re in a very competitive market. Then it becomes challenging. You have to watch your campaigns close.

Keep your CPC’s down. Watch your conversion rates. Track your keywords closely. It’s a never-ending game of crunch the numbers.

If you’re just getting started online and have no clue how to compete with the “big boys” of affiliate marketing and paid traffic, read the rest of this piece very closely.

The method I’m about to reveal to you is underused, has very little competition, is quick and easy to set up, requires very little maintenance, and is pretty inexpensive.

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  1. Bruce Arnold says

    This strategy is brilliant… thanks for posting this, Duston!

    1. Duston McGroarty says

      No problem Bruce, glad you liked it!

  2. John Garuti says

    How do you direct link to an affiliate site? I thought Bing no longer allows that

    1. Duston McGroarty says

      As long as the page your ad links to follows their advertising policies then you’re fine.

  3. Christine Tambaoan says

    Hi Duston!

    I just signed up on Clickbank. Do I really have to wait for weeks and undergo the training before I can finally use clickbank and earn money? All i can see right now are the training modules.

    1. Duston McGroarty says

      No, you should have instant access to the Clickbank Marketplace where you can choose a product to promote and create an affiliate link.

  4. Marty Laderman says

    A myth is that pages need a lot of text to rank. They don’t, but a lot of people still try to make text bulkier and unique page-to-page.

    1. Duston McGroarty says

      That’s true, to an extent. If Google determines that the content is the most useful to the reader then they’ll rank it number one no matter what. So, how do they determine that?

      1. You have the highest amount of “backlink juice”—either a lot of relevant backlinks from lower authority sites or a few relevant backlinks from high authority sites.

      2. They monitor the actions of the person searching—did they read the whole page, did they click around to other content on the site, did they engage with the content somehow.

      In some cases, a search topic returns results with little to no valid data on either of those two points above. Then, Google compares the actual content versus other potential sites.

  5. Tosha says

    hello! this is a great site and i usually enjoy the data posted here. Bookmarked and shared. Thanks yet again!

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