How To Get Unlimited Content Without Writing A Word

It’s no secret that the internet runs on content. And content is the main pillar of the email newsletter business. Just look at one of my businesses as an example.

We’ve been active in the gardening niche since 1999 and at the time I’m writing this we have well over 1,000 pieces of content online.

We have articles, videos, blog posts, and more. Each piece working like a little 24/7 sales person for us.

You see, when most marketers study our gardening business, they see all of that content and think, “Man, I definitely don’t want to be in that business. It would take me years to create all of that content.”

Truth is, it does.

It’s taken us many, many years to create all of that. But we didn’t first create all of that content to drive traffic to our sites and to get people onto our list.

We didn’t set out from the beginning, back in 1999, and write/record 1,000 different pieces of content with the intention of using each piece as a traffic generator.

Nope. We created that content, one piece at a time, for our subscribers.

Read that last sentence again because it’s imperative that you understand this. We did not sit down and crank out 1,000 pieces of content before launching our business.

My Dad built it just like I show you how to do in this training. He started with a simple squeeze page giving away one little eBook called The Gardener’s Secret Handbook.

The same eBook we’re still giving away to this day (I’ve since added a number of other freebies to the offer though).

Each piece of content was created over time to use as a newsletter that we could email to our subscribers.

The byproduct of doing that is, now we have all of that content to use everywhere online.

That’s a big lesson right there. Don’t write content for the search engines. Write it for your subscribers.

If your subscribers love it, the search engines will love it too. That’s how the SEO game works. It’s how it’s worked for us since 1999.

We don’t ever have to go back to tweak old pieces of content after an algorithm update. Because all the search engines really care about is that the content they rank is useful to the reader. Period.

So you’re probably wondering how my Dad generated traffic to his squeeze page back in 1999. I only share that with Newsletter Academy members.

How To Get Content Whenever You Want It

I’ve looked back at our massive archive of email newsletters and divided them into three different categories of content creation.

Each of these three categories appeals to different types of people so I can bet one of these three will be more appealing than the other two to you.

Without further ado, here we go:

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  1. Tony says

    Yo, Duston! This is out of topic. When did you exactly start your online marketing journey? 1999? But in another article you said 2010? Thank you, Duston!

    1. Duston McGroarty says

      Personally, I started in 2010 when my Dad asked me to move back to Ohio and take over the internet side of his business. My Dad started our gardening site(s) back in 1999.

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