How to Get Millions of Clicks On Any PPC Network For Free

It was late at night. I was propped up in front of my computer grinding out another email sequence.

I decided to browse the Clickbank Marketplace to see if there were any “good” products on pay-per-click advertising.

That’s when I stumbled onto a gem.

When I read the sales page for this product I was immediately skeptical. It seemed like your typical “Internet Marketing Get Rich Quick Pitch.”

Tons of hype. Very little proof. And massively outrageous claims.

But he sold me. That, in and of itself, is instructive. I learned it a long time ago from Dan Kennedy…

“Sell ’em what they want. Give ’em what they need.”

Had he came out and explained the strategy on the sales page, I would’ve totally dismissed it and quickly closed the page.

Very smart. He created massive curiosity… so much so that I had to buy just to see what he was doing, legal or not.

It was pretty simple really.

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