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How To Get AdWords Clicks* For A Penny Each

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I want to share just one of the many “traffic tricks” I’ve discovered over the years.

Did you know there are keyword phrases in Google AdWords where you could pay as much as $79.69 per click, according to SEMrush? See my screenshot below:

Think about that.

For every visitor that lands on your site, you get charged $79.69. Ouch!!!

Using a simple traffic source, you could get the exact same visitor for just one penny!

That source is PPV.

PPV stands for Pay Per View. It’s usually a desktop traffic source where your landing page pops open in a new tab on the user’s browser when they’re visiting a page that includes a keyword you’re bidding on or a URL you’re bidding on.

Here’s the entire strategy, laid out for you for free:

Sticking to the “car insurance quotes” example from above… you would go to Google and type in your keyword phrase.

Next, take a look at the paid ads for your keyword phrase. See my screenshot below:

The strategy is simple. These ads are getting TONS of traffic. So, you make a list of these EXACT URL’s and bid only on those URLs inside the PPV networks.

Look at the link that the red arrow is pointing to above. That’s what was displayed when I hovered my mouse over the Geico ad in the red box above.

Notice how it’s not just It’s an actual landing page.

The difference is, most marketers just bid on the main domain name and end up spending 10x-20x more than what you’ll be spending by bidding on this one landing page.


Because tons of people could just go to but they may not be looking for insurance. They could be employees, existing customers, or even competitors.

By bidding on this landing page you’re guaranteed that each visitor is someone looking for insurance. Because they probably only landed on that page by first clicking on an ad.

So… what’s the asterisk for in the title of this post next to the word “Clicks”?

Well, with PPV traffic, you don’t pay per click because they’re not really clicking anything. Your landing page is just popped up when something you’re bidding on triggers it.

That’s why it’s called Pay Per View. You’re charged every time someone sees your landing page.

But using this method, you’re guaranteed that each person who sees your ad is a valid prospect.

A lot of marketers just use PPV as a way to show their page to everyone and their brother… hoping someone who sees it is a prospect.

That’s not how you do PPV. And that’s why these types of traffic networks get such a bad name. Marketers have no clue how to actually use them to make money.

They throw up a campaign, hope it works, and when it doesn’t… they immediately blame the traffic network.

Their loss. Your gain.

Here are few PPV networks I recommend testing this with:

Those are the networks I recommend and in that order. The biggest thing to remember with PPV traffic to you have to track conversions.

[Just 1¢ Per Click*] How to Run “Make Money” & “Weight Loss” Offers On Google Using PPV Traffic Networks

Running “make money” offers on Google is a thing of the past, right?

Same with anything “weight loss” related.

Until now.

Sticking with my PPV (pay per view) theme from above… here’s how you can run ANYTHING YOU WANT on Google without them caring.

Alright, here we go…

If Google won’t allow us to run what we want, we need to use a workaround.

That workaround is PPV traffic.

With PPV, you can have your landing page popup over any URL.

*Again, with PPV you’re paying per visitor since they really don’t have to click anything for your page to be displayed.

Above I shared a strategy that showed you how to bid on URLs from advertisers on AdWords for certain keyword phrases.

This strategy is even more targeted than that.

Read closely:

Instead of targeting the advertiser’s URL… you’re going to target the actual Google search URL.

Take a look a below:

Notice how the keyword phrase that I typed into the search box is displayed in the URL?

You can bid on that exact URL.

Inside of the PPV networks I would bid on the following URL:

Just as it appears in the address bar. No need to include anything before or after. Just what’s inside the red box.

Let that sink in for a sec.

Think about a few other phrases… or even single words… that you might be able to bid on.

Of course, I didn’t discover this method. Other people are bidding on these search phrases too.

But I can tell you, that phrase above has an opening bid of $0.011 per visitor. Which means there isn’t a lot of competition… OR… there is a TON of volume available.

Either way is good for you!

On the other hand, if I were to just bid on the keyword phrase “make money fast” from inside the PPV network, the opening bid is $0.05 per visitor.

That means my page would popup if someone landed on a page with that exact keyword phrase on it.

Why is that bid so much higher? Because more people are bidding on it. It’s the lazy way to bid.

You can just upload a whole list of keyword phrases and click “Go”. Most marketers are too lazy to do anything else.

Honestly though, how hard is this? To me it’s super easy to put together a little list of search URL’s that are targeted to your offer.

It might not be 100,000 visitors a day but at least you know they’re super targeted.

Where to Get MILLIONS of Penny Clicks TODAY

Back in 2014, I discovered an untapped underground traffic source full of high-quality penny clicks*.

Since then I’ve discovered how to REALLY take full advantage of this traffic source using strategies most marketers completely miss.

And… I’m going to share one of those strategies with you here.

Okay, lets dive in to this super secret ninja traffic trick.

Still sticking to the PPV theme here, I’m going to reveal how to take a very broad offer and expose it to millions of people FAST.

With PPV you can do a run-of-network (RON) campaign and just blast your landing page out to anything and everything on the traffic network.

Problem with that is, you’re gonna get a lot of junk traffic. You’ll get a lot of bots and fake clicks from fraudulent publishers just trying to inflate their income.

This is why most PPV marketers tend to target specific URLs or specific keyword phrases. That way they know they’re legit visitors.

So, how could we target specific URL’s but still get thousands and thousands of legit visitors extremely fast for just $0.011 per visitor?

By targeting legit web pages that receive millions of visitors per day, right?!

So what web pages get that much traffic? Well, of course, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, etc.

But those bid prices START at $0.05 per view or more (I’m talking about the homepages of those sites).

This is where you have to get creative.

This is also where most marketers get lazy and just decide to either pay the $0.05 per view… or walk away.

So, I started thinking… what do most people do online every single day? Where do they go? What are their habitual go-to websites?

I already said Facebook. But most people go to Facebook from their mobile device.

Even if they go to Facebook on their desktop computer, they’re usually just scrolling through their news feed (which is and we already said, that starting bid is too high.

So, what else? Where else do they go?


Millions of people check their email online every single day from their desktop computer.

Sometimes multiple times per day. Heck, I check mine AT LEAST 20 times per day.

Here’s the secret:

No one is bidding on these “mail” URL’s and they get millions of visitors per day.

Here are just a few examples:


And that’s just the shortlist. But that’s really all you need. I mean, look at how much traffic just Gmail alone gets:

Yes, that’s 9.53 BILLION visits per month across the globe. That’s just Gmail, not Google.

Now, the PPV networks don’t have that kind of a reach but they do have 10-20 million users in their network to show PPV ads to.

It all comes down to finding the sites with the most volume at the cheapest bid.

And this is just ONE example.

There are TONS of other sites like these that are geared towards specific niches. Niches like “make money”, “weight loss”, “dating”, etc.

Here are some examples from the “make money” niche of high volume, low bid sites:


And here are some examples of sites to target to attract business owners:


Before I wrap this up, let me leave you with just one more strategy. It kinda ties into what I shared earlier with the Google search URLs.

If you’re looking for high volume, low bid targets… think about keywords that get high volume searches.

Here’s one for you:


Look at how many people go to Google and type in “Gmail”. That’s 55.6 MILLION searches per month in the US alone.

But if you were to just bid on the keyword “Gmail” in the PPV networks, you’d be paying at least $0.05 per visitor.

Instead, bid on the search URL…

Starting bid for that URL is $0.011 per visitor. See how this works?

And look at the other phrase match keywords at the bottom of that image.

“Gmail com” is people going to Google and searching “”. That gets 5 MILLION searches per month.

And then “gmail sign in”… 4 MILLION searches per month.

At this point, cheap traffic should no longer be your problem. All you need to do is find the right offer to put in front of this traffic.

A Super Secret Ninja PPV Trick

Here’s an example of one offer you could run for this Gmail traffic…

Note: This example is for instructional purposes only.

Millions of people need to make more money. Plus, do you notice anything about that lander?

Does it look familiar? Yep, kinda looks like Gmail, right?

I’m not saying to blatantly copy the sites you’re targeting or even to deceptively make people think it’s a Google page. You don’t need to mislead or deceive people for this method to work.

Just the subtle color similarities between Gmail and your lander are enough to subconsciously make people feel at ease.

One last tip… notice where it says “Ohio” in those two different places on the lander? Those can both be dynamically changed based on the visitor’s location using a simple piece of code.

All of these things increase conversions drastically and in turn, increase your ROI.

Because at the end of the day… it comes down to how much money you make.

I share super secret ninja traffic tricks like these with my Newsletter Academy students all the time. They love me for it!


  1. Is your Newsletter Academy WSO the current product you are recommending for people looking to jump into the email marketing business? I think I saw another one somewhere for $297.00 but it was closed.

    Also, if it is even open still, how is AMCS 2.0 different from your email courses?

    Just looking for somewhere to start.

    • Duston McGroarty Reply

      Hi Ed,

      Yes, The Newsletter Academy is my “flagship” product and the one I recommend for anyone looking to build a business around email marketing. The other case studies are no longer available to join.


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