How To Get AdWords Clicks* For A Penny Each

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I want to share just one of the many “traffic tricks” I’ve discovered over the years.

Did you know their are keyword phrases in Google AdWords where you could pay as much as $79.69 per click, according to SEMrush? See my screenshot below:

Think about that.

For every visitor that lands on your site, you get charged $79.69. Ouch!!!

Using a simple traffic source, you could get the exact same visitor for just one penny!

That source is…

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  1. Ed says

    Is your Newsletter Academy WSO the current product you are recommending for people looking to jump into the email marketing business? I think I saw another one somewhere for $297.00 but it was closed.

    Also, if it is even open still, how is AMCS 2.0 different from your email courses?

    Just looking for somewhere to start.

    1. Duston McGroarty says

      Hi Ed,

      Yes, The Newsletter Academy is my “flagship” product and the one I recommend for anyone looking to build a business around email marketing. The other case studies are no longer available to join.


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