He asked, “How would YOU build a $10k/mo business in 30 days or less?” My answer…

Short answer:

I would use the same exact strategy taught in Affiliate Ground Zero.

Long-winded answer:

I’ve been meeting my friend at a brewery here in town every Wednesday night.

Much to my wife’s dismay… we’re doing more than just drinking too many beers while we’re there.

A few months ago, I gave my friend’s wife a copy of my new book.

What’s that? You didn’t know I wrote a book? Yeah, most people don’t. More about that later.

My friend’s wife was at the house playing cards with my wife a few months ago and my wife mentioned my new (newish, I wrote it at the end of 2018) book.

She asked for a copy, so of course, I gave her one. A signed copy.

I kinda forgot about it until a few weeks ago, when outta the blue, my friend shoots me a text.

“Dude, I’ve been reading your book. I’m really interested in a few of these strategies. Can you “tutor” me? Lol!”

Umm, absolutely.

I get super giddy when someone wants to talk marketing with me.

I’ll talk their ear off for hours. I love this stuff.

So, we began our weekly meetings at the brewery… because nothing else goes better with marketing than beer.

Our first meeting was pretty intense.

He told me about his job (60 hours/wk), and his part-time job (20 hours/wk), and how he’s never home to spend time with his family.

It struck a chord with me, no doubt. I know that feeling all too well.

It’s been about 10 years since my last “job” but I’ll never forget the awful feeling I had every time my kids asked when I’d be home.

It was horrible. It really put things into perspective for me.

My sole purpose in going to work was to support my family. But by doing so, I never got to spend any time with them.

It’s a tough situation.

We continued our conversation.

Now, I’m not sure how he came up with this number, but this was the question he asked me…

“How would YOU build a $10k/mo business in 30 days or less?”

[- – – SIDENOTE – – -]

This was just two weeks ago (September 4, 2019) that he asked me this question at our first brewery meeting.

Remember, I was never planning on running the AGZ Bootcamp.

It was originally going to be a high-level coaching program covering three free traffic strategies.

Until he asked me that question.

[- – – /SIDENOTE – – -]

I looked at him with a blank stare for about 30 seconds.

My face said I was lost in outer space but inside my head, the hamster wheel was spinning like crazy.

The first 5 seconds I spent wondering why he asked this question.

Then my brain caught up… duh, moron, he just got done telling you how much he’s been working and how much time he misses with his family.

The next 25 seconds were spent running a series of “if this/then that” scenarios until I finally landed on the very first thing that popped into my mind.

Which, by the way, when you’re asked a question, whatever pops into your mind first, is always the right answer.

Pay attention the next time you’re asked a question, it’s kinda weird.

Anyhoo, I knew exactly why he was asking and I knew the answer before he even asked the question.

It’s the same answer I give to everyone who asks me for advice.

Here’s what I told him:

If I lost everything and had to get back to $10,000 per month in just 30 days, this is what I would do…

This may seem “too easy” or oversimplified.

I promise you it’s not. It goes like this…

Step 1: Choose a starving crowd.

Step 2: Give the crowd a taste of something for free.

Step 3: Tell those who taste it where they can get more.

How do I know this works?

Because I pay attention at the grocery store when they give away free samples.

Lol! It’s the truth, right?! The real reason I know this works is…

Because I’ve been doing it for YEARS in a number of different niches.

I first tested it with our gardening business back in 2013.

At the time, we were selling an $88 digital info-product.

I got the idea from someone (can’t remember who exactly, probably Ryan Deiss) to try the strategy you see below…

“Start Your Training for Free!”

That was the appeal.

The image above was actually a pop-up box that was displayed to visitors when they went to exit the sales page for our $88 product.

If you haven’t already guessed, it worked really frickin’ well.

Why wouldn’t they opt-in for that?

I mean, they were interested enough to click an ad to learn more about the offer.

Maybe the $88 price tag scared them away… or, put another way, it gave them an excuse to not buy.

This offer to “Start Your Training for Free” was a no-brainer for them.

However, it’s the psychology behind this strategy that makes it work so well.

It’s the same 3-step strategy I listed above.

This specific tactic would fall under Step 2… Give the crowd a taste of something for free.

That was the first real success I had using this strategy and my first attempt.

A year later, I took a step back to study why it worked so well.

Like I told my friend at last night’s brewery “tutoring session”

The reason WHY something works, or WHY something doesn’t work, in this business, always points straight back to psychology.


Every. Single. Time.

Why is that important?

Because if it works for one business, it’ll work for ANY business.

And, that’s what I wanted to prove.

I wanted to implement the same strategy in other businesses where I was operating as an affiliate.

I came up with a way to use the same strategy as an affiliate while still hitting all of the prospect’s psychological buttons.

Still the same simple 3-step strategy. All the same psychological mojo. Without having to create and sell my own product.

I’ve since replicated my success over and over again in different niches as an affiliate.

So, when my friend asked, that’s the strategy I shared with him.


It’s the same strategy I’m teaching in the Affiliate Ground Zero Bootcamp.

An easy to follow, 30-day roadmap to success.

Designed specifically for the absolute beginner… while still satisfying the inconsistent, sporadic traffic problem faced by ALL marketers.

I don’t care who you are… there’s something for everyone in this bootcamp.

If you’re brand new to making money online… THIS IS FOR YOU.

If you’ve tinkered with a few different things but are still afraid to pull the trigger… THIS IS FOR YOU.

If you’ve made a little money online but aren’t sure how to make more of it, on a consistent basis… THIS IS FOR YOU.

If you’ve made millions online and still want more… THIS IS FOR YOU.

Seriously. It’s hard to believe that this could really be for everyone.

But it is.

Beginners: I’ll show every step of the way and groom you into the money-making machine I know you can be.

Experienced Folks: I’ll show you a trick or two to 10x what you have going right now and ensure it remains consistent.

Grizzled Veterans: You’re never satisfied. Always hungry for more. The 3 free traffic strategies are sure to cure your hunger.

Remember, time is of the essence though.

Once the doors close and the virtual bootcamp begins, no one will be allowed to sneak in the back door.

I’m giving you fair warning well in advance.

Get in now while the gettin’ is good. This might be your only chance.

I’ll see you behind closed doors on October 1st.

Dream big. Take action.
Duston McGroarty

P.S. I ran out of room to tell you about my book. I’ll tell you tomorrow.

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