Get Rich… or Die Aspiring?

No “beating around the bush” here.

Because every day… every hour… every SECOND…

That you’re NOT spending towards growing your wealth… is a waste.

Not a waste of time. A waste of an opportunity. A waste of your financial future.

It’s money you’re quite literally…

…throwing away…

…snubbing your nose at…

…or, said another way…

…money you’re just flat out ignoring.

And, trust me, I get it.

Everyone has different goals. Different dreams. Different aspirations.

However, I can only assume since you’re reading this email, it’s the desire to get rich that consumes your mind.

I know, I know… you don’t want to be rich… you want to be financially free.

You say potato… I say po-TOT-o. (That was weird to type.)

I believe everyone’s understanding of the word rich is subjective anyway.

The mere mention of the word conjures up vivid images unique to each person.

Whether rich to you is $10,000/mo., $100,000/mo., or $1,000,000/mo., the path to get there is the same.

And, it never happens overnight.

As Jim Rohn says:

But making money online is different, right?

It’s supposed to be easier, faster, “push-button” simple.

That’s what we were all promised.

Truth is, it’s no different than any other business.

I’ve heard both Dan Kennedy and Ken McCarthy say this about the internet:

“At its core, the internet is just another medium—to be successful online, apply the same proven direct response marketing principles that have worked in other media.”

That kinda washes away all the mojo from a lot of the bizopp offers you see online today.

There are no secrets to “success” online.

“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.”—Jim Rohn

I know I’m hammering you with quotes from famous dudes today but it’s for your own good.

This is wisdom from guys who have been through it all and came out the other side as winners.

They’re heroes in my book.

That last quote is powerful. It applies to everything.

Especially, making money online.

Too many people are dead-set on finding the “easy way”, the “magic bullet”, the “push button software”.

They waste hours… days… months… even YEARS searching for it.

Only to find themselves right back to where they started.

Still in the same financial situation they were in then.

It’s a vicious cycle.

If what I just described sounds like you, I’m gonna ask you to do something for me.

Can you do me a favor?

Stop that. Stop that RIGHT NOW.

Sorry for yelling. I’m passionate about this and want to see you succeed.

Stop searching for something that doesn’t exist. No more of that.

You’re wasting precious time.

I’m gonna tell you what you should do instead.

One of my good friends asked me a question a few weeks ago.

A common question many successful business owners are asked.

“If you were stripped of everything and had to start from scratch again tomorrow… what would you do?”

This is what I would do.

Dream big. Take action.
Duston McGroarty

P.S. The “secret sauce” that makes the strategy inside this 13-page report work so well has nothing to do with traffic, funnels, conversion rates, or really anything marketing-related at all.

It has everything to do with psychology, human behavior, and most importantly… common sense.

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