Freedom By Email (Early Bird List)


My super-smart ninja email skills allowed me to add you to the Early Bird List without making you opt in. Pretty sweet, right?!

Just one of the “Advanced” Email Hacks you’ll learn from being a part of this project.

By the way, just because you took action and added yourself to the Early Bird List doesn’t mean you won’t receive the other emails I’ll be sending out between now and September 4th. I have a lot more to share with you and you need to hear every word of it.

Talk soon!

"Yours Truly"

P.S.  A few weeks ago I was asked (by an Internationally Known Business Coach) to give a 90-minute presentation to his group of high-level mastermind clients on how we dominate the internet in the gardening space. There’s a picture below of a little Q & A we did after the presentation…