Facebook Approved Affiliate Marketing Strategy Generates 1MM Visitors Per Month

Plain and simple, making money as an affiliate on Facebook is not easy.

It continues to get harder as time goes on. But when you understand what it is that Facebook actually WANTS from an advertiser, your job as an affiliate gets much easier.

Much like Google, Facebook’s business revolves around user experience. They want their advertisers to deliver tremendous value to their users.

Makes sense, right? You can either fight it and get banned… or you can give them what they want and make money.

I don’t know about you but I like money.

That being said, the case study I have for you here is a great example of a smart affiliate abiding by Facebook’s policies and giving their users a great experience.

First, lets talk about what a “great experience” means on Facebook.

It could be a video, an image, a blog post, an article, or almost anything that delivers value to your prospect.

Notice I didn’t include a squeeze page or sales page in that list. People don’t want to be sold. And, it’s getting harder and harder to get Facebook to “Approve” an ad that leads to a squeeze page too.

They WANT you to advertise content. Period. Why fight it? If you don’t like it, don’t advertise on Facebook.

As an affiliate, “creating” content has never been easier than it is today. There’s literally an endless amount for you to just copy and paste right on to your site.

Copy and paste? Isn’t that illegal? I’m not a lawyer, don’t ask me.

I’m merely showing you how these multi-million dollar websites are making money. Ever heard of ViralNova? They recently got bought by some media company for $100MM. Yes one hundred million dollars.

Not an ounce of original content on their site. It’s all “curated” from other sites. They basically find an interesting piece, copy all the images or swipe the video, and slap it right on their site.

In some cases they’ll write a few paragraphs summarizing the story. But that’s it.

My 9-year-old son could do that. They make all of their money from ads on the site. They have nothing to sell. Never have.

It’s a form of arbitrage. Make more money per visitor from ads on the site than it costs to get each visitor to the site.

For a while, Facebook was sending HUGE, HUGE amounts of visitors to these “viral sites” until they caught on to what was happening.

They’ve since restricted the number of posts that show up in a person’s news feed from a particular Facebook Page.

READ: They want the Facebook Page to pay for advertising. Makes sense.

So now that this strategy no longer works, how are affiliates making Facebook a profitable source of traffic?

The answer is…

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