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Email Newsletter Riches — Just One of My Email Newsletters Averages $1,117.94 Per Day

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. I only recommend products I personally use (and LOVE) myself. For more information, click here.
Duston & Lorelei
That’s me, Duston, and my wife on vacation in the Bahamas—my business generated $23,703.74 while on was on this 11-day trip.

This is a special report that includes a 3-step blueprint on how I make $1,117.94 PER DAY with just one of my email newsletter business.

I’m giving you the keys to FREEDOM here.

Will it happen overnight? Umm… no.  Nothing worthwhile comes easy or fast.

While the results of this simple 3-step system might happen quickly… it takes some time to set it up.

But let me ask you this… would you put in 40 hours of work upfront to set up a system that generated $1,117.94 per day for you until you’re ready to turn it off?

You probably would, right? What if I said it takes no where near 40 hours to set up this simple 3-step system?

It’s more like 4-6 hours, depending on your technical skill level.

Some folks just aren’t as handy when it comes to this computer stuff (like my Dad who set up our entire online business in the gardening niche by himself back in 1999).

Luckily, today there are tools like Clickfunnels that simplify the “techie” stuff so literally ANYONE can do this, no matter your experience level.

Without further ado… let me explain the simple 3-step system.

The Simple 3-Step System Revealed

When I share the three steps… you’re gonna think I’m CRAZY.

Just wait and see. I’ve done this a time or two. I know how marketers are.

You ready?

Here are the three simple steps:

  1. Drive Traffic (to a squeeze page)
  2. Give Away Freebie (in exchange for an email address)
  3. Send Emails (to deliver value and promote products)

Guess how many web pages your site needs for this simple 3-step system to work.

Yep, just two pages.

A squeeze page and a thank you page.

You might be thinking… “how can I drive traffic to a squeeze page… most ad networks won’t let you?”

That’s a horribly bad rumor.

In fact, right here I share at least four ad networks where I’m currently running traffic straight to my squeeze pages.


…I’m getting subscribers for as little as $0.04 each. I’m not talking about clicks here… I’m talking about getting SUBSCRIBERS for four cents a piece.

How many subscribers would you buy if they were only $0.04 a piece?

1,000 subscribers for $40?

10,000 subscribers for $400?

100,000 subscribers for $4,000?

Think about it this way…

…You’ve probably heard this saying before in the internet marketing circles… “each subscriber on your list is worth $1.00 per month to you”.

Have you heard that before? I’ve heard most of the big name gurus repeat that line over and over again (which doesn’t mean it’s true—it’s different in every niche).

Just for the sake of demonstration, lets just say each of your subscribers is worth $0.50 to you.

Would you invest $4,000 to earn $50,000 per month? (100,000 subscribers at an investment of $4,000, each worth $0.50 a piece equals $50,000/mo.)

Umm… YEAH BUDDY!! Who wouldn’t do that?!

Heck, even if they were only worth $0.25 a piece… or even $0.10 a piece… that’s still $10,000 – $25,000 per month.

That’s why I love this simple 3-step system so much.

I don’t care if you have no experience or expertise.

I don’t care if you have little to no money to invest.

I don’t care if you have hardly any extra time to devote to this.

I don’t care if you have subpar computer skills.


I’ve been immersed in this online internet marketing stuff full-time since 2010.

I’ve seen it all. Every which way imaginable to make money online.

Hands down, without a doubt… this is the fastest, easiest, most proven system I’ve ever seen for building a steady, reliable income online.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at what one of my Newsletter Academy Members, Richard, recently said…

When Richard first joined he was completely overwhelmed. In his own words he said, “ain’t got a technical bone in my body”.

A few days later he sent me the following message:

“Apologies for my lack of updates, too busy setting everything up! Basically I have become a productivity monster since starting this course and I’m itching for more material and more advanced training.

Anyway, got loads to do and you know what? I have a big smile on my face, boundless energy and I am raring to start work in the morning. Did I mention I’m 50? Loving it.”

-Richard B.

Richard was like most folks… totally overwhelmed and clueless where to start.

I’ve been there. I know how it feels. I actually still feel like that sometimes… until I calm myself down and remember the simple 3-step system.

This system is the foundation for every single successful online business.

It’s the barebones minimum you need to make a consistent, reliable income online.

Honestly, unless you’re looking to build an 8-figure business… this system is all you really need.

This Is A Legit, Solo Entrepreneur Lifestyle Business

I don’t know about you but when I look at the big name gurus running these 8-figure per year online businesses…

…and all the headaches they’re dealing with…

…all the employees they have to manage…

…all the overhead they incur…

…all the late nights and early mornings spent at the office…

…I just smile.

Their dreams of running their business from the beach have turned around on them.

Now they’re stuck in some stuffy corporate office 60 hours a week.

The freedom they envisioned they’d have when they first got started has completely vanished.

At the end of the year, they look at their earnings and realize their 8-figure business only netted them $500,000-$1,000,000 personally.

All of those employees, the fancy office space, the utilities, the office equipment, the inventory, the expensive software, the shipping fees…

…It’s all bleeding them dry of profit.

Sure, one day they might be able to sell the business for $10 Mil or more but after Uncle Sam takes his cut, the partners take their cut, and they payoff their bank loans… they might net $1 Mil.

And you know what, if that’s what they want… great! I’m happy for them and I commend them on the dedication and the effort they put in.

They have more “hustle” than me. I’ll be the first to admit, I’m lazy. Always looking for the quickest, easiest way.

I’d much rather run a couple little newsletter businesses that each net me $300k-$500k a year for the rest of my life.

Take a look at the photo below:

Internet Marketing Make Money Online At The Beach
Sunrise “work” at a South Padre Island beach (Texas, July 2015).

Running my business from the beach. Lol!

Doesn’t get any more cliche than that for an internet marketer.

Except in this case it was actually true.

I was on a 2-week vacation with my family.

I’m an early-bird and everyone else in my family is not.

So I got up and took a walk on the beach to think.

My thinking typically revolves around internet marketing and that day I was thinking about the email I was gonna send to my gardening email list.

I stopped at that little beach bar cabana you see in the photo, popped open my MacBook, and knocked out 15-minute email to my list.

I queued up the broadcast to go out later that day, grabbed my coffee and sat by the pool until my family woke up.

That day, that email newsletter business made $725.87. Some days it only makes $100-$200. We’ve had some days where it’s made $10,000, $15,000, and even $20,000 in one day.

Back in 2008, my Dad sent one email out to that list and made $65,510.34 over the following five days after the email went out.

Just that ONE niche newsletter business averages $1,117.94 per day.

I feel so blessed to have what I have and to know what I know. I truly love sharing my knowledge.

The dream of having your own internet lifestyle business CAN happen.

Just look at me…

I have no employees.

If I need something done that I don’t know how to do, or don’t want to do… I pay someone on UpWork or Fiverr to do it for me.

My overhead is minimal.

My monthly expenses consist of a hosting account, autoresponder account, and a few other online tools.

I have zero product costs.

All of the products I sell/promote are digital, so my margins are insane. I have friends who own a local business and they drool when I tell them how much I make selling digital products.

This is a true Lifestyle Business.

As long as I have my laptop and an internet connection… I can run my business from anywhere.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention earlier…

The simple 3-step system is totally AUTOMATED.

Meaning I can set up my traffic source once and let it run on it’s own.

My autoresponder will handle all aspects of building my list.

And I can queue up as many broadcast messages as I want… days, weeks, or even months in advance.

Once you have these newsletter businesses set up… they might require 1-2 hours of work PER WEEK.

The work that’s required depends on a number of things but it could be stuff like:

  • Tweaking your traffic campaigns
  • Split-testing your squeeze page(s)
  • Queuing up broadcast emails to your list
  • Searching for affiliate products to promote

So, mostly maintenance stuff.

None of it requires you to wake up at 7am. You don’t have to commute 30 minutes to work. And you certainly DON’T have a boss.

1-2 hours PER WEEK!

And, all that stuff I listed above is fun for me!

I love split-testing squeeze pages. It’s so easy with something like Clickfunnels.

I also love searching for affiliate products… finding new stuff to bring to my list is always exciting.

None of these “tasks” are hard and they ALL drastically affect your income.

Take your squeeze page for example.

Lets say your squeeze page is converting at 25% right now. Not too bad.

But what if you think of a new headline that boosts conversions to 37%? You just increased the number of subscribers you’re adding to your list every day by 50%…

…With one simple 5-minute tweak!!

Here’s another example… what if your current affiliate product is converting at 3% to your list.

Lets say a new Clickbank product gets released and it’s converting at 4%. You just boosted your gross revenue by 25%…

…With just a few clicks of your mouse!!

It doesn’t take much in a business like this to “move the needle”.

Since the heavy lifting is all done on autopilot for you… all you have to do is find the best products to put in front of your subscribers.

Just think of yourself as a problem solver. Even if you have no other expertise at all… you can always connect people to products.

It’s the same as sharing the name of a local plumber you just used with a friend. They have a desperate problem that needs solved… their toilet is leaking. You have the solution to that problem and you know they’ll get the job done for them.

Your friend already trusts you (because you’ve built up that relationship) and they trust the recommendations you give them.

The same goes for the email newsletter business. The content you share builds that trusting relationship. You’re providing valuable, useful information and they remember that.

So when you recommend a helpful product, that recommendation goes a long way and conversion rates are much higher than just driving cold traffic to a sales page.

That’s all an email newsletter business is.

Don’t Complicate This Simple 3-Step System

As a marketer, you receive hundreds of emails a day touting the latest and greatest funnel tricks and software.

It’s engrained in our minds from Day 1 that internet marketing is difficult, confusing, and technical.

What no one tells you is, it only becomes difficult, confusing, and technical when you muck it up with funnels, metrics, and non-sense you just don’t need to get started and to make money.

Sure, if you’re building a funnel for a Clickbank product that will be seen by millions of people per month and will gross $50k per day… you’ll need to worry about funnels, metrics, and other non-sense.

But last I checked, you’re just looking for something to allow you to quit your day job… am I right?

So how much is that? $50k, $70k, $100k a year?

Okay, $100k a year… that’s $275 per day.

Lets say you’re promoting an affiliate product that pays you $27.75 (75% commission at a $37 price point)… you need to sell 10 a day.

To sell 10 a day with a 1% conversion rate you need to show the offer to 1000 people per day.

I show you a plethora of ad networks right here where you can go set up an ad today and have it seen by more than 1,000 people.

Getting traffic is easy.

The secret to success is getting the right kind of traffic for your business. If you want it bad enough, it’s right there waiting for you.

Just follow this simple 3-step system. Don’t veer from it until you’re consistently making $10k/mo. or more.

Drive traffic to your squeeze page, give them something for free to put them on your list, and send them valuable content that includes a pitch.

If you’re looking for a more in-depth walkthrough of this system, you should check out my Newsletter Academy training.

It’s my life’s work.

Dream big. Take action.

Duston McGroarty

Claim Your
Free Copy!

Enter your first name and email address below to get a FREE digital copy of...

the big book of internet income secrets


When you claim your FREE digital copy of my book by submitting the form above, you’ll be added to my email list where you’ll receive sporadic email newsletters and promotional offers from me. Your information is 100%. View my Privacy Policy.

Claim Your
Free Copy!

Enter your first name and email address below to get a FREE digital copy of...

the big book of internet income secrets


When you claim your FREE digital copy of my book by submitting the form above, you’ll be added to my email list where you’ll receive sporadic email newsletters and promotional offers from me. Your information is 100% secure. View my Privacy Policy.

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