Email #1

[New & Exclusive] Get Paid to Send Emails

Hey, it’s Duston…

This is probably the most important email I’ve ever written to this email list you’re on.

That’s not meant to sound “hypey”.

It’s just a fact.

That’s because behind this email is my biggest project EVER.

And until now, I’ve just never had the guts to do this.

But… this Friday (Sept 4) I’ll be releasing my biggest project yet. And it’ll consume my focus for the next few years and beyond.

Before I tell you what it is…

It’s important to know WHY I’ve decided to devote my life to this project.

You see, for me personally (and the same goes for my dad in the gardening space), success online has been less about websites, traffic and tactics…

…and more about reaching out to people and helping them SOLVE THEIR PROBLEMS.

This is nothing new but it seems, as of lately, it’s a topic of very little discussion.

More and more focus is being put on lead generation, conversion rates, customer lifetime value, upsells and backend sales…

…instead of just focusing on what’s TRULY important.


We’ve always had a customer-centric approach to marketing and how we do business online.

It’s why our online business has grown each and every year for the last 16 years.

But it’s time that I share my knowledge with the world. It does no one any good crammed deep inside a dark crevice in my head.

People are desperate to know.

I often get emails from folks asking me what our “secret to success” is online.

“How did you guys manage to get 225,000 subscribers on your gardening list?”

“If you had to start all over from scratch, what would be the first step?”

“If you only had $500 and nothing else, how would you start all over and replicate your success?”

I try to answer these the best I can and in as much detail as possible.

Is that weird? That I actually respond to my subscribers? Maybe. But remember what I said, we run a customer-centric business.

Gardeners all over the world know my dad. In 16 years, he’s had some amazing opportunities.

Just last month he was on the cover of Greenhouse Grower Magazine. Here’s the piece they did on him.

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 8.07.06 AM

He was on the cover of Mother Earth News magazine back in the year 2000. Here’s the 4-page story they did on him.


He’s also been featured on our local ABC and NBC news channels a few different times as well as in newspapers across the country.

My point is…

We’re doing something right. Mother Earth News didn’t just stumble onto my dad. He reached out to them in a very unique way and demanded their attention.

And, the success we’ve had online was also not by accident.

Every moving part was strategically put in place by either me or my dad. Each one accomplishing one specific task.

And, every one of those tasks coming together to help achieve our one ultimate goal.


Freedom from having a job, a boss, a fixed income. But more importantly, the freedom to live life on our own terms.

A dream I’m sure you’ve had yourself for many years.

Hence my new project—Freedom By Email.

(That’s not the official name btw.)

In January 2013 we joined a mastermind group.

It’s expensive.

Costs us 5 figures a year.

But here’s the thing I learned very quickly…

Investing in yourself is the most profitable investment you’ll ever make.

And although it costs us 5 figures a year, we earn back many 5 figure multiples of that as a result of the work we do.

It’s a win win.

And it’s something we should have done years earlier.

From being a part of this group for nearly 3 years now, I’ve learned how important it is to surround yourself with people who are “smarter” than you (read: more experienced).

That got me thinking about the folks who are just starting out online.

Those who have no list. No product. No experience or expertise to capitalize on. And those who can’t afford a 5-figure-per-year mastermind group.

What about them? What are they supposed to do?

Should they just be left to figure it all out on their own? Stumbling along blindly, desperate to find their way?

I can’t live with that.

I won’t. Not when I know what I know.

You see, starting and running a profitable online business really isn’t that hard.

In fact, it’s simple.

Simplicity has been the key to our success online. At its simplest form…

…we GET PAID TO SEND EMAILS. Period. That’s it. That’s all we do.

We get paid pretty damn good too. Here’s just one example:

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 1.25.42 PM

Over the last 16 years, email has been responsible for 100% of our income online.

…and that right there is the core FOCUS of the Freedom By Email project.

Profiting by giving stuff away via email. Sounds a bit strange after re-reading it. LOL!

Here’s the deal…

I have a burning desire to share everything I know. It’s truly what I love to do. It’s what fulfills me day in and day out.

Sharing my passion of business and marketing with folks like you who really appreciate the advice and support.

This stuff consumes my every waking moment (much to my wife’s dismay!). Seriously though.

As soon as my alarm goes off at 6am (yes I get up at 6am), I immediately start thinking about what I can do today to help others prosper. It’s just in my blood I guess.

(You can probably tell I’m a little passionate about this.)

So, if you think you’d benefit from the advice of someone whose made his living online for the last five years…

…then the Freedom By Email project will be the most important opportunity to come your way in a long time.

There’s a lot more to cover, of course.

But I’ll leave that for the next email.

Money aside, if this sounds like something that you think you’d be interested in…

…then click here to add yourself to the Early Bird list.

Until the next email.

Dream big. Take action.
Duston McGroarty