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A few years ago I decided to test something.

I was sick of seeing so many people struggle to make money online.

I wanted to set up a really quick campaign (took me 25 minutes) just to see if it was something I could share with beginners.

It definitely was.

Within a few short days I had gone from ZERO to over $200/day in profit.

Here’s the kicker…

I didn’t even have a website. I was direct-linking straight to an affiliate offer.

I posted that case study to my blog shortly after. You can read it here if you want.

Here’s my “Part 2” to that case study:

Today is January 2, 2020 (my middle son, Weston’s, birthday actually). It’s one day after the beginning of a new year.

Resolutions have been made. People are all hot-and-bothered to make changes in their life.

Right now is the perfect time to capitalize on the simple strategy I taught in that case study.

I’ll even give you an updated campaign example you can run. Ready for it? Here it is…

Niche: Mediterranean Diet
Ad Network: Bing Search Ads
Offer: The Mediterranean Diet Plan (Clickbank – $27.43 payout)

I’ll preface this by saying, I’ve never ran this campaign myself or promoted this offer before. I have no idea how well it converts.

Even though it says, “Top Offer In Gross On CB For 2019. Millions Paid Out To Affs & Rapidly Growing”…

It currently only has a Clickbank gravity of 1.63, which means only about 2 affiliates have made money promoting it in the last week or two.

Just putting that out there.

You can use this same strategy to find other niches too. This one is just an example.

Step 1: Bing Keyword Research

A lot of people don’t realize that Bing has their own keyword planner tool that gives you search volumes and CPC estimates.

It’s not the greatest at finding longtail keyword phrases but it’s good for choosing niches.

Once you choose a niche, you can head over to a tool like Ubersuggest to compile a list of relevant keywords.

For this example, I’ll just stick to Bing’s tool. I actually found this niche by first typing in the word “diet”.

The keyword phrase “mediterranean diet” has an average monthly search volume of 57,210 and suggested minimum CPC bid of $0.36.

Pretty good, right? I think so.

Step 2: Create A Hyper-Relevant Ad Group

This step is extremely important. If you mess this up, you’ll likely lose money.

Don’t get greedy and add 1,000 diet related keywords to your Bing ad group. I promise you won’t make any money.

Relevance and congruency are the two main keys to success with this strategy.

Instead, gather ONLY keyword phrases that are closely related the mediterranean diet… and NOTHING else.

I don’t care if you only have three keyword phrases. As long as there’s a decent amount of volume (a total of 20,000 searches per month or more), you’ll be good to go.

Step 3: Create Two Hyper-Relevant Ads

Again, this is another super important step. Relevance and congruency are a must here.

That’s why it was so important to keep your keyword phrases so closely related in the previous step…

So now you can create ads that are 100% congruent with all of the keywords in your ad group.

Here’s what I mean…

Go to Bing right now yourself and do a search for Mediterranean Diet. Look closely at the ads.

The ones that jump out at you have the words Mediterranean Diet in them, right?

The ones that don’t are lazy marketers who enjoy paying 2x the CPCs that you’ll be paying. Not even exaggerating at all.

High CTRs = Low CPCs

Memorize that equation. It’ll make you thousands of dollars in a short amount of time.

CTR is short for click-through rate, which is the percentage of people who see your ad and click it.

Ad networks reward advertisers who have high CTRs by lowering their CPCs. It’s all about math. In the end, you actually make the ad network more money so they’re fine rewarding you with lower click costs.

That’s why it’s so important to keep your ad groups and ads hyper-relevant and focused. That’s the only way to achieve high CTRs.

Step 4: Set Up Your Campaign URL

You don’t need a website with this strategy. All you need is a domain name. Preferably a domain name with your main keyword in it. is currently available… wink, wink.

Then, get a free account at and connect your domain name to it. is a link-shortener where you can “hide” your affiliate links.

It also allows you to pass URL parameters through to your affiliate link. Which means you can pass the Bing keyword ID through to your Clickbank tracking ID parameter.

That’s a bit technical but fairly simple once you understand how all of this works.

That’s it! Now just set a daily budget for campaign and run with it!

If any of this was confusing, go back up and read that case study I linked to from a few years ago. I go way more in depth inside that one.

There are so many niches you can do this with on Bing. Spend some time doing some research with their keyword tool.

Let me know if this was helpful.

Dream big. Take action.
Duston McGroarty


  1. Hi Duston, thank you for yet another bombshell article!

    Just wondering, following this method here, what about the demographics targeting? Did you just leave it blank (for this type of strategy)?


    • Duston McGroarty Reply

      For this specific keyword, Meditteranean Diet, I would probably decrease my bid for males as much as possible so it only shows to females.

  2. You’ve got a recently new follower in me Duston… I’ve really been enjoying how actionable the content on your blog is.

    With regards to the keywords you would target in bing for the meditterranean diet, do you typically go after exact match, phrase match, broad match or broad modifier keywords when following this approach?


    • Duston McGroarty Reply

      Thanks, Christian! I almost always go with phrase-match targeting any time I’m running keyword-targeted ad campaigns (on any network).

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