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[Case Study] Watch Me Build A Non-IM Email Business From Scratch


Let me just start by saying…

This could totally blow up in my face… making me look like a complete IDIOT (wouldn’t be the first time).

Good news is, I know what I’m doing… so that’s doubtful (but you never know).

Bad news is, I gotta do some friggin’ work. Lol!

I’m getting lazy in my old age (is 35 old?). I’m so spoiled with our “main” business – only having to work a couple hours a week.

Gonna have to get outta my mesh shorts, put my big-boy pants on, and go to work!

All joking aside, this is gonna be pretty cool. I’m super excited and can’t wait to get started.

So, you’re probably wondering what the heck this is? I’ll get to that in a sec, but first…

Let me give you the back-story…

Over the past few years I’ve spent a little time floating in and out of the Internet Marketing circles, helping some folks out, selling a few low-dollar guides (as market research), and of course, opening up my Newsletter Academy.

During my research/survey phase, I discovered three main roadblocks holding back A LOT of Internet Marketing folks from making a full-time living online.

Here they are in order of most importance (according to my survey):

  1. Having No Plan
  2. Getting Traffic
  3. Having No Expertise (to be able to create and sell their own products)

Having been a marketer for a while now, I wasn’t surprised by #1 or #2.

Those two roadblocks make up about 99% of the IM products that are sold every day.

But #3…

#3 caught me a little off guard.

So, I decided to start up a dialog with a few folks who responded to my survey, especially the ones who said ‘Having No Expertise’ was their major roadblock to starting their own online business.

Long story, short… I discovered two things.

First, EVERYONE has expertise (yes, even YOU).

Second, not everyone has expertise that someone ELSE is willing to pay for.

And that one is a dealbreaker for most people and it causes them to give up on their dream of having a profitable online business.

That’s when it hit me… you don’t need ANY expertise to connect a desperate buyer to a product that can solve their problem.

All you need is a simple 2-page website, some targeted traffic, and an email autoresponder series…

…and you have your very own money-making, email business that generates income for you on autopilot.

Just turn on the traffic and watch as your email list grows and sales roll in.

This is exactly what my Real Time Case Study will show you how to do. But before I get into the specifics of that, let me warn you…


If you’re looking to build an email business using nothing but free traffic, you’re outta luck.

Free traffic is great and all but it sucks for two reasons… it’s not consistent or reliable and it’s not scalable. (More about scalability in a bit.)

That being said, if you don’t have AT LEAST $200 (preferably more) to spend on paid traffic, I wouldn’t even attempt this. (Again, I’ll explain this in more detail in a bit.)

Lastly, if you’re expecting to download an 83-page ebook, immediately after ordering, that reveals “The One Secret to Email Millions”, you’ll be sadly disappointed.

It takes a lot more than just one secret to achieve that.

With that outta the way, here’s just some of what you can expect to learn from this Real Time Case Study:

*** You’ll discover why some niches are hot and some, well… are NOT – I’ve made this mistake, spending weeks building out an affiliate campaign only to realize a good percentage of the demographic just aren’t buyers – you’ll learn from my bad experiences and find out how I cherry-pick the true moneymakers (which are all outside of the internet marketing niche).

*** You’ll find out how I research my chosen niche, inside and out, in a matter of 2-3 hours – I’ve perfected this process so well that I can speak their language after only a 2-3 hour research session (HINT: It’s all about the tools you use!)

*** The RIGHT way to find the perfect product(s) to promote and why you should ONLY focus on selling information products when you’re just getting started.

*** You’ll learn how to quickly and easily set up your email business (a 2-page website is all you need) to get maximum ROI from your ad spend—the goal is to get to breakeven (or better) in less than a week’s time while continuously building up your email list.

*** Discover how to run an entire email business from a 2-page website so you never have to worry about writing boring old blog posts – I’ll cover using blogs too because I know a lot of people will want to but how I use them is TOTALLY different from most!

*** Discover my brain-dead simple email copywriting secrets – I get people telling me all the time that I’m one of the best email copywriters they’ve ever seen. Truth is, I hate writing and have never even made it through an entire copywriting course. I discovered these really simple secrets that transform tired old email copy into world-class salesmanship instantly. Putting together a cash-generating email sequence really just comes down to following a proven plan… my plan!

*** You’ll discover FOUR secret traffic honey holes that each have the potential to send you MILLIONS of visitors per month. Not just any visitors though… these folks are prime candidates for your email list. All of them!

*** You’ll learn how you can get started no matter the size of your ad budget. I’ll share strategies beginners can use to get started for free. And I’ll also reveal how to go from ZERO to more than 5,000 subscribers in less than 48 hours, if you have the budget.

*** Learn how to reverse engineer competitor’s successful campaigns so you can shortcut the amount of time it takes you to make money – this is really sneaky and very few “noobs” know about this free tool!

These are just some of the little things you’ll pick up as the Real Time Case Study progresses.

But… the juicy stuff… the meat and potatoes of this case study will absolutely amaze you.

How I approach Email Marketing is SOOO different than what you’re used to seeing. So different.

Namely, how I get traffic and how I convert that traffic into sales.

Traffic is abundant and confusing.

VERY confusing.

Should you use Facebook?

Should you use Adwords?

Should you use Youtube?

Should you use Bing?

Should you use Native Ads?

I’ll make it easy for you.

I won’t use ANY of these. Yep, no Facebook, no AdWords, no Youtube, no Bing, no Native Ads… and I’ll still drive thousands of targeted visitors to my site.

What’s left you might ask? Lol!

Well, my friend, what you learn from me in this case study about driving traffic, alone, is worth your price of admission (which isn’t cheap btw).

I’m choosing to ignore these behemoth traffic sources because it seems that’s all everyone is talking about… like that’s all that’s out there to use??

And, what was Roadblock #2 from above? Umm… Getting Traffic.

How could that be a roadblock with all of the courses, guides and blog posts out there on how to use these traffic sources?

I’ve got some “Secret Traffic Honey Holes” that I’ve been keeping to myself for some time now.

Figured there’s no better time to break open the lid of the candy jar than during this case study.

Truth is, there’s way more traffic out there than you’ll ever need. Your goal is to perfect ONE traffic source at a time and scale the business up by adding one source of traffic as you go.

But traffic is not THE BIGGIE.


A battle-tested, bulletproof plan.

Hands down, this is the #1 roadblock standing in your way. Think about it.

How many different products have you been pitched over the last year alone?

I’m sure many of those were valid plans that would work if you put in the time.

So why didn’t you take action? I know why. But do you?

You wanna know why? Are you sure? Okay…


You don’t trust the morons hawking their $7 “systems”. You’ve been bit in the behind too many times to count. You know what I’m talking about.

You download your order only to find that they’ve left out half of the important stuff and you’re left with HALF a system.

I get it, believe me I do.

That’s why this Real Time Case Study will leave NOTHING out. Nothing.

You’ll see everything I do. From start to finish.

That’s not all! (like one of those lame infomercials lol!)

You’ll get access to me.

Something I rarely do. Not because I don’t like interacting with you. I just prefer to not be tied to my computer/phone all day.

If you enroll in this Real Time Case Study, you’ll get access to my private email address. Ask me anything. ANYTHING. I typically reply within 24 hours (usually way sooner).


Actually there are two catches. One, enrollment will be capped at 30 people. This is only going out to a very small portion of my list (less than 1,500 people). The most “qualified” people for this opportunity (if you’re reading this, that’s you!).

Second catch…

This is a LIVE case study that will take place over the course of the next few weeks, maybe even months, depending on my results and how much I decide to scale it.

My plan is for you to follow along with me as we go, building out your own email business and asking me questions along the way.

By the end, you should have your OWN profitable email business that will make money for you for years to come.

Oh yeah, dummy, I can’t believe I forgot to talk about longevity and choosing evergreen niches, GEEZ!

It’s important that you choose niches/markets where you can put the work in upfront and profit from that work for years to come – AKA Automatic Income :-)

My favorite kind of income.

Our online business is a perfect example of this, in the gardening niche. Plants don’t change. Nature doesn’t change. It’s been the same for ages.

My Dad put up our first website ( way back in 1999. It’s still online, generating leads and sales for us everyday on autopilot.

In fact, yesterday (April 23, 2018) had 2,564 unique visitors. All from content my Dad wrote back in 1999.

You can imagine how many email subscribers just that site alone gets us on a monthly basis.

And that’s part of the secret to my success (and my Dad’s success). Our email lists.

Email lists are ASSETS. Here’s a definition of ‘asset’ that I pulled from the web:

“Something valuable that an entity owns, benefits from, or has use of, in generating income.”

In our gardening business, we sent one email out and made $50,423.84 in 3 days. That’s an asset.

Since I hate hype and ridiculous claims, there’s a screenshot below showing our sales from those 3 days:

Of course, we have more recent examples but that’s one of our best.

[———– SIDENOTE ———–]
Sending emails out to your list manually (read: email broadcasts) and making money is just icing on the cake.

It’s something I recommend you do once or twice a month to extract more money from your list.

You find a good product to promote, run what I call “mini email launches”, and generate a quick surge of income.

I will cover the “mini email launch” strategy in the case study but don’t lose sight of the main benefit of enrolling…

…to discover how to build an automated email business that consistently generates income without having to send manual broadcasts.
[———– /SIDENOTE ———–]

By the way, don’t get hung up on what you’re going to sell. What you sell really doesn’t matter.

Could be your products, could be affiliate products, could be drop-ship products…

…heck, you can earn a dang-good living selling NOTHING at all!

I’ll reveal one guy who makes more than $300,000.00 per month sending nothing but free email newsletters.

Okay, you’re probably wondering how much this is gonna cost. Well, I just got done telling you that we sent out one email and made more than $50K.

So, if I were to charge $1,997.00 for enrollment, it would be worth every penny to you, right?

I’ve purchased countless “systems” for $997.00 or more and I was still left baffled and confused after going through them. Seriously, how do people get away with selling this CRAP?!

I promise, this case study is nothing like that. Again, this will be 100% TRANSPARENT. If I spend $200 on advertising and get no leads and no sales, I’ll share that with you AND… tell you why it didn’t work.

So, what would all of this be worth to you?

How different would your life be if you had just ONE of these email businesses running, making you money every day on complete autopilot?

What could that do for your current situation? Would you…

Quit your job?

Buy that new ride you’ve been eyeballing?

Take the family on that dream vacation you thought you’d never be able to afford?

Life gets amazingly beautiful when you have the freedom to do the things you want.

And, the flexibility to do them WHEN you want.

It’s just an all around better life. A life I REALLY want you to experience.

You can enroll today by making a one-time investment of $297.00.

Again, this is limited to the first 30 people who pay their enrollment fee. I want to be able to provide valuable email support throughout the entirety of the case study and with any more than 30, I just can’t do that.

Most of the case study will be delivered to you via email as a PDF attachment or just right inside the email itself.

I want to start pretty quickly, I’m really excited to get going! That being said, I’ve decided the first lesson will go out next Tuesday, May 1, 2018.

So, there it is. The link to take care of your enrollment fee is below. If you have questions about the case study and what’s involved, just reply to this email and hit me up.

Click Here to Enroll Now and Lock In Your Seat.

After you order I’ll add you to an exclusive email list where you’ll be updated when the lessons are released.

Now’s the time.

Dream big. Take action.
Duston McGroarty

Claim Your
Free Copy!

Enter your first name and email address below to get a FREE digital copy of...

the big book of internet income secrets


When you claim your FREE digital copy of my book by submitting the form above, you’ll be added to my email list where you’ll receive sporadic email newsletters and promotional offers from me. Your information is 100%. View my Privacy Policy.

Claim Your
Free Copy!

Enter your first name and email address below to get a FREE digital copy of...

the big book of internet income secrets


When you claim your FREE digital copy of my book by submitting the form above, you’ll be added to my email list where you’ll receive sporadic email newsletters and promotional offers from me. Your information is 100% secure. View my Privacy Policy.

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