[Case Study] Brand New Affiliate Site Goes from $0 to $466.43 Per Day in Only 9 Days

I broke this case study into two “updates” and the numbers reported are from just the first 9 days of the campaign.

What you’re actually seeing here is my method for testing products that I’m interested in promoting. I run ice cold traffic to them and if I can manage to come out profitable in the end, I build out a small affiliate funnel to promote the product.

Building out the affiliate funnel (an email business where I promote affiliate products) is what I cover throughout the Newsletter Academy Training.

That’s not to say you HAVE to build out the funnel… you could continue on with a direct linking campaign as long as you’re happy with the profit.

A “direct-linking” campaign is when you link directly to the affiliate offer from your traffic source. You sacrifice your chances of building a list, which I’m not a fan of (unless you use this sneaky direct-linking trick).

Without a list, you’re constantly scrambling to find new offers to direct link to if your winning offers suddenly disappear.

Okay, lets get started…

Update #1:

From Day 1, affiliate commissions have been rolling in. Yesterday’s total was $335.38 in commissions (see Clickbank screenshot further down).

I setup a brand new campaign in Bing/Yahoo. My first initial ad group targeted a lot of generic weight loss keywords. My goal was to just see what would get clicks and if anything converted.

I set my Daily Budget at $50.00 and my maximum CPC bid at $.80. I just wanted to get fast test data. I wanted my ads to show in top slots so I could get a bunch of clicks and get some quick data.

I targeted my ads to United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and New Zealand (Tier 1 countries).

I decided to promote the Fat Diminisher product which, at the time, was the #1 product on Clickbank in the Health & Fitness category. Before finishing the setup of the campaign, I wanted to see who the ideal customer was for that product so I could set some demographic targeting.

There wasn’t a lot on their affiliate resources page for demographics but after watching the entire sales video, I got a pretty good idea of who it was created for. Women ages 35 and up.

When I set my demographics, I decreased my bid by 90% for all men and for women ages 18-34 and ages 65+.

Here’s where I screwed up, kinda…

I INCREASED my bid by 90% for women ages 35-64. Meaning I was willing to pay $1.52 per click for that demographic. That’s not really what I wanted to do. I really just wanted to be sure my ads were only being shown to that specific segment of women.


Luckily, I had my daily budget set at $50, so I didn’t go broke. Here’s why I say I “kinda” screwed up doing this…

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  1. Paul says

    Very interesting story. Sort of the same thing happened to me on Clickbank, not sure where some of my earnings went.

  2. Joke says

    Really thank you Mr Duston!

    Can you share much more about affiliate marketing? I wanna join your course :D

    Hope you can share more about affiliate marketing with paid traffic

  3. ravi says

    how you do direct linking with bing.
    i need info. pl. provide

    1. Duston McGroarty says

      Exactly how I did it in this case study. Create a list of very targeted keywords, in this “belly fat” keywords, create an ad that’s very targeted to those keywords, and send the traffic to the offer.

  4. James says

    flabbytoripped.com doesn’t work?

    1. Duston McGroarty says

      No that was just a domain I created for a case study I was running.

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