Breaking: There’s a Silent Chaos Destroying Long-Time Affiliates

Below is an excerpt from an email I sent exactly ONE YEAR AGO today to my list.

I’ll jump into my explanation, and a bit of a bragging session, immediately following…

[ – – – Email From Last Year Begins Here – – – ]

I urge you to read this email closely.

All around the “affiliate world” right now… affiliates are absolutely losing their minds.

There’s a SILENT CHAOS happening.

It’s relentlessly stirring deep inside the hearts and minds of long-time affiliate marketers all over the world.

Extremely successful affiliates.

7-figure and 8-figure-per-year affiliates.

They’re panicking.

Scared for their financial future.

I’m not talking about 5 or 10 years from now.

I’m talking about their immediate financial future.

As in… 2019.

Which is just one month away.

Here’s the kicker though…

They’re not talking about this.

Nobody’s talking about it.

Not until today.

So, what’s this SILENT CHAOS??

What has the most successful affiliate marketers in the world so concerned?

I’m talking 100%, legit… TERRIFIED.

No joke… lying in bed, late at night, wide awake… contemplating what they’ve done online up to this point?

What is this “Silent Chaos?”

What’s the one thing that’s eating super-affiliates alive inside?

This is so bad that it’s turning Black-Hat super-affiliates into pure White-Hat marketers.

Yes, it’s that bad. So, what is it?

The “Silent Chaos” driving super affiliates insane is…


The long-time affiliates who’ve been making so much money for so long have taken for granted how easy they had it.

The internet was still pretty new when they first got started.

The ad networks were clueless. Anyone who paid, played.

That’s no longer the case.

The ad networks are now 100x smarter than all of us combined.

And that scares the crap out affiliates.

But why? Why are they so dang scared?

Because for the majority of their affiliate life they’ve done nothing but send qualified traffic to offers.

They became masters at tracking, optimizing, scaling, and most of all… fooling the ad networks.

Using things like cloakers, they were able to bypass the ad network’s policies and scoop up loads of high-quality traffic.

Am I saying this no longer works?

No, I’m not. And, to some extent, it will probably always work. But the question is, for how long?

It used to be you could set up a cloaker, create a campaign, and that campaign would stay live for months.

Then, the ad networks started getting smarter and they started banning accounts.

Now, you’d be lucky to have a cloaked campaign stay live for a week.

This is where vulnerability comes in.

When you look at how much time goes into creating and setting up a new campaign… only to have the entire account banned in a week… it doesn’t seem worth it, right?

That’s exactly how these affiliates feel. They’re way too vulnerable.

What’s worse is, they don’t know what to do! They never had to learn anything about building an actual business online.

All they ever had to do was set up a landing page (at the most) and drive traffic to it.

[ – – – Email From Last Year Ends Here – – – ]

Alrighty then, time for a tiny bragging session from yours truly.

And, I’ll preface my bragging session by saying this…

I only brag to prove I’m smarter than you… KIDDING, obviously, lol! I want you to know who you’re subscribing to for advice.

This is my 10th year as an online marketer. I’m becoming grizzled and gray. If you were to count my rings, you would lose count.

Anyhoo… time to brag…

I was right. A thousand percent right. The lazy super affiliates were forced to go white-hat.

What’s worse than that is, in Q4 of 2019, Facebook was even banning their white-hat campaigns!!

Why? Why would Facebook ban white-hat campaigns?

Truthfully, only Facebook knows the answer to that question. I have a pretty good idea though…

Even the white-hat campaigns are too risky for them as an ad network.

They just don’t need the money that bad. They get plenty of money from the big, dumb corporations. No need to deal with the hassles affiliates bring.

NOW WHAT? What the EFF are the affiliates gonna do NOW?!

The smart ones are taking my advice.

They’ve already subscribed to The Opportunity Letter to get notified of the biggest money-making opportunities online YEARS before other marketers hear about them.

The clock is tickin’ on this offer though. Three days left to get the January issue before it goes to the printer.

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