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Affiliate Survey Funnel Secrets

I’ve never shared this affiliate survey funnel strategy publicly before. Only to a small group of coaching clients.

The typical affiliate marketing strategy is to just mindlessly drive traffic to an offer and hope you make money.

This strategy is different. It allows you to actually add value to the visitors before sending them to an offer.

It also allows you to build an asset that will provide you with a consistent, reliable income for years to come.

What is an affiliate survey funnel?

Before I explain this strategy, let me first explain what an affiliate survey funnel is.

It’s basically exactly what it sounds like… it’s a funnel you can send cold traffic to and you ask them a series of questions so you can help them achieve their specific goal or solve their specific problem.

Instead of just sending them straight to an affiliate offer, or even to your own squeeze page, you first send them through the affiliate survey funnel to learn a little more about them.

Based on their responses, you can customize the affiliate promotion they see from you.

How do you know what questions to use in your affiliate survey funnel?

Coming up with the right questions to ask in your niche isn’t really too difficult.

I’ll explain how step-by-step in a sec. First, you need to take a minute to think about the prospect. What is it that they truly want?

Until you know the answer to that question, you shouldn’t move on.

Once you have that answer, then you can break down the steps they need to take FIRST in order to get whatever it is they want.

You want to get in front of them BEFORE they’ve taken that first step.

Then, the questions you need to ask will almost seem obvious to you. I’ll give you an example below using the niche, weight loss for busy moms.

What do they truly want:

What they truly want is to improve their self-image, to be happy, and to feel confident. They believe they can have all of that if they lose weight.

What steps do they need to take in order to achieve their goal of losing weight:

This is the most important part. You really need to nail down all the steps they need to take and the order in which they need to take them.

Here’s what I came up with for this example:

  1. Research weight loss plans
    1. Research plans online or by asking friends and family
    2. Determine if it will work for them (based on food and exercise requirements)
  2. Choose a weight loss plan
    1. Sign up for the best plan based on their research
  3. Prepare to get started
    1. Shop for food
    2. Buy workout apparel
    3. Download fitness tracking apps
  4. Implement the weight loss plan and follow it as closely as possible
    1. Follow daily/weekly exercise routine
    2. Cook meals/prepare food following the plan
    3. Follow the daily calorie restrictions
    4. Keep track of daily progress (calorie intake and exercise regimen)

Now that I have all that information, I know exactly where to “enter the conversation” that’s already taking place in their mind.

This exercise gives me the exact copy to use in my ads, on my landing page, and in my emails, so I can speak to them about the specific problems they’re currently facing.

No more guessing at what will work and having to test a hundred different angles.

How to Structure Your Affiliate Survey Funnel

The leading question you should start with is the one they’re looking to answer in the first step.

In this example, the perfect question to start with is… “Which diet plan is right for ME?”.

When you go back up and look at those steps again, it makes sense, right?

I mean, why would they be asking what type of food to shop for if they don’t know what diet plan they’re following?

And, why would they ask how many calories they should consume if they don’t know what diet plan they’re following?

And, finally, they’re not going to just sign up for a diet plan if they don’t know if it’s right for them.

The reason these affiliate survey funnels work so well is not because of WHAT it is but because of HOW it’s executed.

Anyone can create a survey and slap it on their site but it won’t be nearly as effective as the way I’m teaching you here.

One question visible at a time and the easiest questions to answer first.

The least amount of “friction” as possible will get you the highest conversion rate.

So, in this niche, I would begin with step one… “Which diet plan is right for ME?”.

To determine what questions to ask in the “Which diet plan is right for ME?” survey, you need to put yourself in their shoes.

Think about what information you would need to get from them in order to pair them with the perfect diet plan.

Here are some questions that come to mind (in no particular order):

  • What is your weight?
  • What is your height?
  • How much weight do you want to lose?
  • What types of food do you prefer to eat?
  • What is your age?
  • What types of exercise do you prefer to do?
  • Do you need daily motivation and accountability?

From that list, which question do you think I should ask first?

Probably “What is your age?”, right?

It’s probably the easiest question for them to answer.

It’s a question with an absolute answer.

No other conditions or limitations could change it.

And, they likely know it right off the top of their head.

I would probably use four ranges of ages so it’s easy for them to just click their age range and continue.

Then, ask for their height and weight.

And, continue on with the rest of the questions until they get to the end where I would only ask for their email address.

No sense asking for an address and phone number when you don’t really need it for anything.

Now that you have all of that information, you can match them up with a diet offer that fits them the best. Obviously, it should be an offer that you can promote as an affiliate.

For a more thorough explanation, and to discover how to use this same strategy to get paid recurring affiliate commissions, check out this 13-page report I wrote.

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