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A Real Facebook Retargeting Case Study

Currently, if you’re doing any paid traffic whatsoever, you’re most likely using Facebook ads. It’s just one of the best places to advertise right now in just about any market.

BUT… there are a lot of ways to screw it up. I mean A LOT. Here are just a few:

  • Target the wrong demographic
  • Audience is too broad
  • Ad headline isn’t compelling enough
  • Ad image doesn’t pull in the viewer
  • Ad doesn’t include a call-to-action
  • Your landing page is incongruent with the ad

And the list goes on. This is the stuff most of the “gurus” are already teaching. So, I’ll throw in something new. I like to use real live examples of already performing ad campaigns.

I’ll be using “The Silva Method” as my example.

This company is run by MindValley, who does everything right in all of their marketing. You should study their stuff to death. Let me give you some backstory on how I discovered this campaign.

I’m always looking for new affiliate products to promote. New funnels I can set up and run paid traffic to. I’ve always heard good things about MindValley so I went over to their site, browsed through their products and read over all of their marketing material.

I was pretty impressed.

An hour or two later I jumped on Facebook, for who knows what, and there popped up this ad on my sidebar…

Facebook Retargeting Case Study

GREAT ad, right? I thought so.

Here’s the landing page that ad takes you to:

Here’s the AdWords landing page they’re using. Notice how different it is for AdWords (they’re so dang picky at AdWords):

Now, here’s the really cool part… Silva (MindValley) had none of my information. I didn’t fill out any forms. I didn’t buy anything. They were able to display that ad to me on Facebook using whats called Retargeting.

This is some pretty cool technology. When someone lands on one of your pages (usually a squeeze page or sales page) and they don’t take action, you can place a retargeting cookie on their browser.

Then, your ads start to display to them as they move around to different sites on the web.

One of the latest tricks is using retargeting to display Facebook ads. There are a few companies doing this and I’m sure many more will hit the market soon.

Here are the few I have heard good things about and recommend:


I know guys who are running ads on these platforms who are getting 10 to 1 and sometimes even 50 to 1 returns! Pretty awesome stuff! There’s definitely not a shortage of ways to generate traffic to your site.

Lastly, if you’re interested in doing affiliate marketing on Facebook, check out this post.

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