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Over the many years that I’ve been playing this game called internet marketing, I’ve been chasing something…

A dream.

A dream that one day I could make millions online. And I’m fairly certain I’m not the only one pursuing this dream. But the sad part is, most of us will never achieve this dream. Many will try different ways, only to see no success.

I’ve found that success comes only after first seeing results. Whether those results are achieved by you or by someone else doesn’t matter. All that matters is you know it’s possible. The problem is we spend so much time looking for the next big thing that we don’t implement what we know.

So I have a challenge for you… I’ve come up with a list of what I feel are the top 8 ways that absolutely anyone can make money online… and in a relatively short amount of time. I want you to select one of the methods below, just one, and put it to work. I want you to see results. I want you to know what it feels like to really make money online and I know for a fact that you can do it.

These methods are listed in no particular order… read through them and choose one that jumps out at you.

Write Articles
There is a HUGE demand for writers in the online world today. If there’s something you’re knowledgeable about or have experience in and you can express yourself well in your writing, this would be a perfect fit for you. The pay isn’t all that bad either. Depending on who hires you, what you’re willing to writing about and the time-frame they need it done in… you could make anywhere from $4 an article to $15 or $20 an article. Again, it all depends on the situation.

Here are a few places where you can find people looking to hire writers: The Warrior Forum, Elance, ODesk, Freelance, Fiverr, Online Writing Jobs.

Web Design
Just as there’s a huge demand for article writers, the same goes for web design. While this job isn’t as popular as it used to be with the creation of WordPress, Blogger and so on, it’s still one of the top methods people use to make money online. While it’s a learn-able task, I don’t recommend learning it just to design sites for other people. If you’re gonna take the time to learn something, learn how to build a REAL online business. But if you already know how to do it, why not make some extra moolah with it?

(The same recommended sites above can be used to find people looking to hire web designers.)

Be A Virtual Assistant
I want to start this one off by saying this… make this one of your last resorts. Seriously. It’s probably one of the least profitable methods of making money online. But if you’re down to your last resort, by all means… get after it. I do know some virtual assistants who make $25-$35 an hour. Those earnings aren’t typical though. Here are a few different resources you can use to find people looking to hire a virtual assistant: Virtual Assistant Jobs, Virtual Office Temps, 24/7 Virtual Assistant.

Create An Ebook
Many people think ebooks are dead… long-gone… a thing of the past. While they are a thing of the past, they are still a thing of the present too. People still read them and people are still willing to pay for them. Don’t be overwhelmed by the book part. If you can write an article, you can write an ebook. An ebook is just a bunch of articles, written about the same topic and bunched together into one product.

There are a few ways I would suggest promoting ebooks. First, go to the biggest forum in your niche and start interacting. Post some good content, help out some people with questions, build yourself a name in the forum. Include a link in your forum signature that either promotes your ebook or promotes a squeeze page.

Second, find the top ten keywords related to your ebook. Go to Google and type each keyword in one by one. Look at who is ranking for those keywords and see if they offer advertising on their site. If they have AdSense but no mention of advertising, try contacting them to see if you could put a banner on their site to promote your ebook. You should have 100 potential sites to contact. Eventually you would want to create your own affiliate program so others can promote your ebook for you.

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is a game… a game I call matchmaker. Find the right audience/market and match it up with the right offer. It’s almost a science and if you figure it out, you could be saying “Adios!” to your job sooner than you hoped!

I’m about to share with you (very quickly) how I’ve been successful marketing affiliate products. It’s actually very simple, yet so many people never get it. It goes like this… build a list, build a relationship with that list and then promote products that appeal to that list.

The most important piece of the affiliate marketing puzzle is the research. It makes no sense to sell a snow shovel to someone who lives in Florida right? The same goes for affiliate marketing… you need to find the right product to promote to your audience. Figure out what their wants and desires are and find an offer that appeals to them. My two favorite ways to conduct research are by using forums and by using Twitter.

Pay attention to the questions that people are asking on the forums. If the same question gets asked over and over, you can assume it’s the same question most people have. Use Twitter to enter the conversation that people are having. Use Twitter’s search feature to find conversations on certain topics. HINT: when you’re typing in the search box, include -http and -www to exclude tweets that have links in them (usually from marketers)

Guest Blogging
This is an extremely overlooked opportunity in the online world, for a number of reasons. Guest Blogging is a way to get your name out there and promote your website. It’s a way to build up authority for yourself in your niche and obviously, it’s a way to make money.

The making money part is two-fold though… some blogs will actually pay you to write the blog post. Others won’t pay you but will allow you to include a link back to your website. So, now you’ve got a FREE traffic method and a way to build some authority in your niche by affiliating with other well-established blogs.

An awesome tool that I use to find places to guest post is The Directory of Ezines. Charlie (owner of the DOE) is still offering lifetime membership but plans to change it to a membership site that he will charge a monthly fee for soon.

Warrior Special Offers
Known better as “WSO’s”, a warrior special offer is an offer sold directly to members of the Warrior Forum. The Warrior Forum is the most popular forum for internet marketers… in my opinion. If you’re reading this post and you’re not a member, I highly suggest you join… RIGHT NOW! I’ve learned more from that forum than any other place.

So, by creating your own WSO, you can leverage their pool of highly targeted prospects and have your offer seen by thousands. I’m serious about the “thousands” statement. At ANY time, the WSO section of the forum has anywhere from 2,000 to 4,000 people viewing it.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can promote. You can promote your own ebooks, membership sites, services like graphic design or seo services, videos, audios and so on. I have personally ran 3 or 4 WSO’s at the time I’m writing this and I’m working on my next one now. Some have done better than others but each one has made me AT LEAST $500.

But I owe a lot of my success to the WarriorPlus platform. WarriorPlus is a site that offers a slew of different services to those who run WSO’s. You can manage your entire WSO through this site including autoresponder integration, number of sales allowed, product delivery and incrementing price point. But the coolest feature is without a doubt the affiliate management program.

You can allow other WarriorPlus members to promote your WSO and earn a commission. The commissions are paid instantly via PayPal. So, even if you’re not running your own WSO, it can be pretty lucrative to promote other WSO’s and earn some nice commissions. Many people offer 100% commission on their front end products… go check it out!

Start Your Own Online Business
My #1 recommendation to anyone looking for a way to make money online is to start your own online business. But here’s where I caution you… building your own online business doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of time, dedication and hard work.

But I promise you, once it’s all setup (if setup correctly), it’s the most rewarding feeling an internet marketer can have.

Here’s my definition of a REAL online business… a collective set of systems designed to bring in new, targeted leads on a daily basis, convert them into subscribers, provide those subscribers with valuable content and convert the subscribers into customers… all on autopilot. That’s what a REAL online business looks like to me and I have put together a step-by-step plan on how to build your very own. Grab a copy now!


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