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3 Real Case Studies of Successful 2-Page Affiliate Sites

Case Study #1: The Paleo Diet

The Lead Capture Page:

This type of lead capture page (squeeze page) works the best but isn’t always allowed with some traffic sources.

I tried running it through AdWords because clicks were actually inexpensive and in so many words they said the page did have enough content on it.

It wasn’t valuable enough to their user. Whatever. That’s why I recommend you use other traffic sources that don’t care where you send the traffic.

The 2nd Page:

The squeeze page redirected straight to the sales page for the affiliate product I was promoting. I call this “Email Gating”—requiring the visitor to enter their email address before revealing the product to them.

Obviously, the main point of this is to build your list of targeted prospects. Someone who opts-in is much more likely to buy something than someone who doesn’t.

In some cases I redirect the traffic to a Thank You Page first if I’m giving away something in exchange for their email address. You’ll see an example of this in one of the other case studies.

I’ll tell you this though… 90% of my sales for this affiliate product happen on the backend from my autoresponder sequence. I know this because I track everything.

You should expect varying opt-in conversion rates based on your market, who you’re targeting, and what product you’re promoting. I’m happy with anything over 20% on cold traffic. Anything below that requires tweaking.

Case Study #2: Weight Loss

The Lead Capture Page:

The 2nd Page:

Again, a very simple and plain squeeze page that redirects straight to the sales page of the affiliate product I’m promoting.

Case Study #3: Dog Training

The Lead Capture Page:

The 2nd Page:

In this third case study example, I wanted to show a 2-page site where the 2nd page is a Thank You/Download Page. This funnel actually promotes my own info product but can obviously be used as an affiliate funnel too.

I quickly wrote a brief 5 or 6 page report (Stop Barking Tonight) as a giveaway that solves a very common problem in this niche. After they opt-in I redirect them to my sales page and they get an email with a link to the download page you see above.

As you can tell, the download page also links to the sales page and inside the report I link to the sales page as well. See how everything points back to the one place I want the visitor to go? That’s why it’s called a funnel.

Another point I’d like to make is, I’ve run this style squeeze page on both AdWords and Facebook with no problems. It includes a decent amount of content, links to my privacy policy, terms, and contact page, and is not deceptive in any way.

So, if it’s Facebook or AdWords traffic that you’re after, that’s what you need to do. If you’re looking for less restrictive traffic, try something like email solo ads where in most cases list owners are pretty lenient.

If you’re interested in building an email business and promoting affiliate offers, you should check out my Newsletter Academy training.


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