12 Clicks + 3 Shares = 10,000 FREE Visitors Per Month

Getting free traffic to your website on a consistent basis is NOT hard.

It also doesn’t have to be time-consuming.

And… you definitely don’t need to outsource it to someone else.

What I’m about to share with you though, is a bit of a secret.

Very few people know about this and those that do, likely don’t understand how to use it properly.

You see, when you step back and take a look at all of the free traffic methods that are out there today…

They all fall under one of two categories:

  1. You do the work to spread the word about your site.


  1. You let other people do the work (for FREE) to spread the word about your site.

Which one appeals to you the most? Silly question, right?! Number two.

Now, in order to get people to spread the word about your site (for FREE), they need to be rewarded for doing so.

The reward can either be a conscious reward or an unconscious reward.


Lol! Confusing, I know. Stick with me.

People will “share” things online for a number of different reasons but those reasons are either conscious reasons or unconscious reasons.

Conscious reasons could be… to notify friends or family of something important, to enter for a chance to win a prize, to get access to something “gated”, etc.

Unconscious reasons could be… to improve their social status, to identify themselves as someone with certain beliefs or associations, to feel acknowledged and accepted, etc.

There’s a little psychology lesson for ya… the reasons behind WHY people share things online.

So, why am I telling you this?

Well, if you can tap into this predictable human behavior and GIVE people a reason to share something on your website…

You’ll never have a “traffic problem” again. Instead, you’ll get loads of FREE traffic to your website(s) on a consistent basis.

You can use this strategy any time you want to set up a new income stream and you’re ready to start driving traffic to it.

Just how much traffic can you get? Well, that’s a loaded question. It varies based on the size of the niche.

To give you some content, here are some recent results achieved from using this strategy:

This is a very, very small (hobby) niche. With just 12 clicks and 3 shares, this website now consistently gets 10,000 visitors per month or more.

No joke. It’s a very tiny hobby niche. Imagine the potential in a larger niche!

And, this works for anything, no matter if you’re an affiliate or a product owner.

The entire strategy is revealed in the January 2020 Issue of The Opportunity Letter.

Two days left before it gets sent to the printer. Get in now while you can.

Dream big. Take action.
Duston McGroarty

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