Why You Should Never Sell Information Products

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It’s about time I get this off my chest… I’ve felt this way for years now but never had a reason to express myself. Information products suck!

It’s the Hardest Sale You’ll Ever Make

I’m serious… we work so dang hard to sell a $47 information product in the gardening niche. REALLY hard. I can’t even begin to tell you how difficult it is. But why? Why is it so hard?

Well, there are a number of reasons… trust, belief and desire, are the big three that we struggle with on a daily basis. Sure, certain niches are better than others but I can tell you from experience… the Internet Marketing niche (supposedly some of the biggest spenders on information) is just as tough as our gardening niche. Seriously.

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The same issues we face in the gardening niche, pop up in the IM space. The only way to overcome this is with marketing trickery and NLP mind-hacking. Well, not quite. You overcome these obstacles by building trust.

How to Build Trust Online

We added a survey to our sales funnel just last week that customers see right after they order our front-end product. It pretty much confirmed a lot of our assumptions but it’s good to know instead of assume. Anyway, one of the questions we asked was, “How long have you been on our newsletter list?” The biggest response was… 1-2 years. ONE to TWO YEARS it took them to buy our front-end product.

I told you we work hard at this. Trust is one of the biggest factors in our customer’s decision to buy. So how do we build trust with people we have never met and never intend to meet? With videos.

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In an earlier post, I talked about how we use video to speed up the buying process (yeah, 1-2 years is speeding it up!). Video is the best way to sell anything online… hands down. Does long-form sales copy work? Sure it does, but it’s not usually as effective as video. You’ll have to read my previous post to learn why.

Gotta Make ‘Em Believe

Dan Kennedy wrote a book called Making Them Believe, where they were selling… well, you’ll have to go look. It’s interesting… to say the least. But in information marketing, “making them believe” is one of the largest roadblocks to success. Here’s just a brief list of some of the things you might have to make them believe before they buy your info product:

  • They can do whatever you’re selling
  • Someone else has already had success doing whatever you’re selling
  • They can make money doing whatever you’re selling
  • Your product provides the solution they need
  • Other people will buy what you’re telling them to sell
  • And the list goes on and on… and, on…

There’s something I learned from Perry Belcher and he’s absolutely right… when you’re selling an information product and people are looking at your sales page, they’re looking for a reason NOT to buy. They’re subconsciously saying to themselves… “what can I find on this page that I can use as an excuse for why I’m NOT buying?” They don’t even realize they’re doing it. It just happens.

So, how do you overcome all of these subconscious objections and reasons for people NOT buying? The answer is… with awesome copywriting.

Learn Copywriting And Retire Rich

QuickSprout just released The Definitive Guide to Copywriting, I highly suggest going through it. It’s free and it’s a great resource for beginners. Copyrighting is a skill, not a talent. No one is born knowing how to write copy. You learn it. You practice it. You study it every chance you get. Once you’ve mastered it, you’ll never have to worry about money again.

Once you’ve mastered copywriting, you can approach any product owner and make a deal with them. You write the copy, you get a percentage of the sales. It’s as simple as that. Deals will start coming to you.

I’ll leave you with this…

No matter what happens in life, you lose your job, your business goes under, you file bankruptcy, you get divorced… whatever it is, no matter what happens, remember this… nobody can ever take away your knowledge. You should always invest in yourself first.

(In my next post, I’ll tell you what you should be selling!) :-)

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  1. Peter says

    Do your niche affiliate sites you sell as part of your package sell physical products or info products? If the latter, are you basically saying that even with paid advertising they inherently won’t work without video content?

    1. Duston McGroarty says

      Hi Peter – I’ve sent you an email to answer your questions. Thanks!

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