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Much to the Dismay of the “Gurus”… All You Really Need to Get to 6-Figures a Year is a 1-Page Website

Crazy, I know.

But truer than true can be. Is “truer” even a word?? Must be, WordPress isn’t putting one of those red squiggly lines under it. Hmm.

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One page is all you need. But it’s not the page you were thinking of (sales page).

The only web page you really need is a squeeze page. Here’s why…

Gotta Build That List, Gotta Build That Relationship

You’re probably wondering, what about a thank you page, a sales page,  and an upsell page?

Well, it’s nice to have those things but they’re not at all necessary. Lets cross them off one by one:

  1. Thank You Page: with a service like Aweber, they provide what they call a “basic” thank you page that tells the user they’ve successfully been added to the list and they will receive an email shortly containing the information they requested.
  2. Sales Page:  Once you have folks on your email list and you’ve successfully built up a strong relationship with them, all you have to do is send them an email promoting a product and they’ll buy it. Just a month or so ago I sold my own $97 product with no sales page, no thank you page and no upsells. I logged into Aweber and wrote a long email explaining the product and everything that came with it. It sold like crazy. If you DO want to create a sales page, I have a free 8-step guide on How to Systematically Write Cash-Generating Sales Pages… Even If You’ve Never Written One Word of Sales Copy Before.
  3. Upsell Pages: With a lot of shopping cart software, the upsell pages are hosted on their servers. All you have to do is create a small upsell page right inside the shopping cart interface. Videos work really well and require little to no coding knowledge. Just upload them to Youtube. With a quick Google search you can figure out how to make your Youtube video play automatically and you can hide the title bar and control bar.

If you need a squeeze page to use, I’m giving this one away for free…

rsp1Okay, to wrap up this little mini-course, the next page reveals my complete No Cost Info-Business Traffic System. It’s the same traffic system we use in the gardening niche to get close to 2,000,000 visitors a year to our website.

All for FREE. No cost. Not a dime. (That’s what free means.) I reveal it ALL on the next page.

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