How to Sell Physical Products Online

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A few days ago I wrote a post about why selling info products is so dang hard. This is sorta the “part 2” of that post. I ended it by saying I’d let you know what you should be selling. My answer? Physical products.

They’re Sooo Much Easier

As I mentioned in the other post, there are a lot of psychological barriers you have to overcome when selling an info product before you can actually make a sale.

With physical products, it’s the complete opposite. People are searching for this stuff because they want to buy it. Ezra Firestone explains this so well. He says, when someone goes to Amazon, it’s the same as getting in the car and heading to Walmart… or the mall. They’re in the mood to shop.

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Wireless Headphones

When someone goes to Amazon, they are looking for something specific… wireless headphones, an outdoor firepit, a computer monitor or a surf board. They already know they want it. They don’t need to be sold on the idea that they need. All they need to do is, find one they like.

Be Where They’re Looking

Your job, as a marketer, is to be where they are looking. In the physical product space, that’s 90% of the challenge… seriously. If you can show up when someone searches for a product you sell, 90% of your work is done. All you have to do then is reassure them your product meets there needs.

Even though this is so simple, people still screw it up.

“So I should probably get a Facebook page setup, create a few Facebook ad campaigns and then connect it with my Twitter account, right?”


Be honest with yourself here… how many times have you gone to Facebook or Twitter when you were looking for a specific product to buy online? Huh? How many times? Like… ZERO right? Right.

Quit trying to find reasons to do what everyone else is doing. Here’s something I heard (or maybe read) a few years ago and I’ll never forget it… Pay attention to what everyone else is doing and do the exact opposite.

Now, obviously, this doesn’t apply to everything but it’s an important point to remember. Just because the “big, dumb companies” do something, doesn’t mean it’s right, nor does it mean it’s profitable. A lot of times, they have no clue if it’s profitable. They call that “branding”.

So, where do you go to find stuff to buy? Probably Google or Amazon, right? Most likely Google. So, the obvious choice is to advertise on Google. With the right AdWords setup, you could be making money within the next hour. But you gotta have a product to sell.

What If You Don’t Have Any Products to Sell?

No worries, there are literally thousands of people out there with products who have no clue how to sell them. Start with a specific niche you’d like to be in. See who the big dogs are in the niche. Do some digging, see if you can find someone buried in the search results who has a quality product but does a poor job promoting it.

This takes work work, but who ever said making money was easy. Send them an email or pick up the phone and see if they’d be interested in drop-shipping for you.

You make the sale, take the money from the buyer, send the order to the manufacturer, you pay the manufacturer and they ship it to your customer. In reality, they act as your fulfillment house.

Sourcing the products is probably the hardest part of this entire model. You need a quality product, a reliable vendor and a decent enough margin for you to be able to advertise and still make money.

Nothing to it but to do it. Get off your arse and do the work.

Selling Physical Products Using An Ecommerce Site

Selling physical products online has never been easier than it is today. There are literally hundreds of platforms that offer ecommerce solutions for businesses who sell physical products online.

But there are two that stand out from the crowd in my mind and I know other people who will only use one of these two platforms when setting up an ecommerce site.


Shopify as your ecommerce solution


Bigcommerce as your ecommerce solution

Both of these platforms are outstanding and both have extraordinary customer service departments. Absolutely top-notch. Not the stuff you’re used to seeing from typical online companies. Both of these companies operate with class.

What’s more important is, both of these platforms handle everything you will ever need from an ecommerce standpoint. From design, to accepting payments, to mobile ecommerce… they both do it all flawlessly. I highly recommend them both.

So, What Else?

Umm… get to work. There is nothing else. Sure, there are tips, tricks and little idiosyncrasies others have learned along the way. But if you wait until you learn it all, you’ll never get started. NOW is the time to start. This isn’t really that hard.

  1. Find a product to sell (that’s already in demand)
  2. Find where people are searching for said product
  3. Show up where they’re searching

The rest of the pieces will fall into place as time goes on. I’m here if you need help. Leave your questions below…


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